Shameless US transformations

Shameless US transformations: Here’s how all the Gallaghers have changed over the years

They grow up so fast🥺🥺🥺

It’s been 11 years since the greatest reboot of Shameless first aired and the world met the American version of the Gallaghers. The cast of the show have gone on to star is some pretty great TV shows and movies since their Shameless days and they have all changed A LOT. For most of the actors, Shameless US was their first big break and that’s mainly because they were kids. Over the past 11 years, fans have seen the Gallagher siblings grow up to become young adults and could not be prouder. Even though the Gallagher adults haven’t changed half as much as the kids, here is a full Gallagher family from Shameless US transformations round up:

Frank Gallagher – William H. Macy

Shameless US transformations

via Netflix and Instagram @williamhmacy

The father of the Gallagher clan was played by William H. Macy in every season from 2011 to its end in 2021. Macy has not had a major transformation but ten years does age you.

Fiona Gallagher – Emmy Rossum

Shameless US transformations

via Netflix and Instagram @emmy

The Gallagher who kept the family together was played by Emmy Rossum. Emmy still looks the same yet somehow has even better hair. Somehow, I didn’t think that was possible.

Lip Gallagher – Jeremy Allen White

Shameless US transformations

via Netflix and YouTube

Jeremy Allen White has been all everyone can talk about since his picture has gone viral of him in a chef outfit. The promo picture for his upcoming TV series, The Bear, has created memes that’ll live on forever. At least he still doesn’t have that haircut.

Ian Gallagher – Cameron Monaghan

via Netflix and YouTube

Cameron Monaghan looks so similar yet so different all at the same time. Whether it’s how he has gotten even more ginger or just being ten years older, Cameron had a wild transformation.

Carl Gallagher – Ethan Cutkosky

via Netflix and @ekat19

Ethan Cutkosky may have been just 11 years old when he first starred in Shameless but just look at him now! His glow up is something to be studied. And why do all the Gallaghers have such great hair?

Debbie Gallagher – Emma Kenney

via Netflix and @emmakenney

The biggest Gallagher transformation is Debbie’s, AKA Emma Kenney’s. Debbie may have wound absolutely everybody up in the later seasons of the show, but young Debbie was a girlboss well ahead of her time. Like Ethan, Emma Kenney was 11 when she first appeared in Shameless US so it’s understandable how different she looks now.

Liam Gallagher had three different actor changes so his transformation isn’t the same as the other siblings.

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Featured image credit via Netflix and Instagram @emmakenney.