Do Revenge ending explained

Here’s *that* twist ending of the new Netflix film Do Revenge fully explained

We demand a sequel!

Do Revenge is the best film on Netflix right now – in the words of the immortal Bimini, “not a joke, just a fact”. Since it dropped on Friday, Do Revenge has shot straight to the top of the Netflix top 10 and if you haven’t got round to watching it yet but want to be in the conversation, or you’ve seen it and need a refresh, here’s the full ending explained.

Quickly, what’s Do Revenge about?

Do Revenge is a high school drama that emulates the great teen movies of the 00s and 90s. Starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as Drea and Eleanor, the film is a reimagining of Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train – which takes that film’s plot of strangers agreeing to kill people for each other into a twisty high school drama where Drea and Eleanor plot to exact revenge on each other’s bullies.

After popular girl Drea’s rich boyfriend Max leaks her sex tape, she sees a drastic fall down the social hierarchy and ends up palling up with Eleanor, a new student who has beef with Carissa after the latter accused her of being a sexual predator. Their plot sees their friendship starting to turn toxic, leading to a big twist.

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Do Revenge ending fully explained

The major twist of Do Revenge is that Eleanor is not out for revenge on Carissa, but she’s been plotting it on Drea all along. When they were 13, Drea made up the rumour about Eleanor being a sexual predator and not Carissa, but Drea had no recollection of it  – or of giving Eleanor the nasty nickname “Nosy Nora”.

The ending of Do Revenge explained sees Eleanor revealed as Nosy Nora, a girl Drea bullied when she was younger and the big reveal that it’s Eleanor plotting revenge on Drea and hasn’t been on her side like we thought for the whole film. Eleanor says that she did briefly think of abandoning her plans after getting closer to Drea, but realised after seeing Drea crash a party she was till the same mean girl she’d always been since back when they were 13.

However, in the end, the two girls reunite to defeat the true evil: MAX. Max is straight white rich privilege personified, and the two come together to expose him as the misogynist that he is – an the guilty party behind the sex tape leak that ruined Drea’s life at the start of the film. Eleanor secretly records Max’s confession, and the two girls realise that revenge against each other pales in comparison to the victory and triumph of females coming out on top, side by side.

Max’s confession gets played to the whole party, and he falls to his knees anticipating his imminent downfall.

Do Revenge 2: Max’s Vengeance WHEN? I want to see him thwarted all over again.

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