Everything critics are saying about Do Revenge, the Netflix film called ‘next Mean Girls’

‘Proof that Netflix doesn’t just do Kissing Booth movies’

Do Revenge is everyone’s latest Netflix obsession since it dropped on Friday, with the film strutting into the streaming service’s top 10 films with the same ferocity its female leads spend the film doing around the school corridors – and, for once, the reviews from critics are in harmony with the gays and girlies.

Twitter has been alight with everyone sharing clips of Camila Mendes’ iconic scenes and various scenes of gay panic in response to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to the acting limelight – and here’s what the different critics are saying in their reviews of Do Revenge.

‘If you’re looking for a typical teen movie, keep scrolling’

Most critics have given Do Revenge critical acclaim. Writing for Polygon, Petrana Radulovic calls it ‘The Mean Girls successor we all needed”, saying in particular that Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes are amazing in their roles.

Emily Bernard wrote for Collider that Do Revenge “pays homage to and deconstructs the 90s high school set films you know and love, and does so with deliciously satisfying results”, saying that “if you’re looking for a typical teen movie riddled with clichés and stereotypes, keep scrolling through your Netflix queue.”

Screen Rant also praised Do Revenge, giving the film a four star rating, praising the film for paying homage to all the teen films it emulates and admires – and says that it’s good enough to be ranked on listicles alongside its inspirations in its own right.

The Guardian also gave four stars, saying “its outsized mean girl ruthlessness with a candy coated shell, led by Mendes and Hawkes’ commanding performances, is a biting – if overlong – good time.”

‘Proof that Netflix doesn’t just do Kissing Booth movies’

Helen O’Hara writing for Empire threw some deserved shade at the dreadful Kissing Booth series, saying in her praise for Do Revenge “given the right talent, Netflix can produce a genuinely compelling high school comedy – and you thought they didn’t make ’em like this anymore!”

Some other publications were on the critical side, giving a more mixed review. IGN said it was a “muddled mix” of teen movies and never settled on a tone.

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