where are lori and chad daybell now

Sins Of Our Mother: Where are Lori and Chad Daybell now?

The couple are the focus of Netflix’s latest true crime


Netflix’s latest true crime, Sins Of Our Mother, is available to stream from today (14th September). But the question on everyone’s lips is: Where are Lori and Chad Daybell now?

The couple were charged with murder and concealing evidence, after their own children’s remains were found buried in a pet cemetery. Tylee and J.J. had been missing for months, before police were able to obtain a search warrant on their abandoned home. Even the FBI were involved in investigations.

With a crime this heinous, it’s easy to wonder what actually happened to the Daybells in consequence for their role in the murders. So, where are Lori and Chad Daybell now, and are they still in prison?

sins of our mother

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Strangely enough for a Netflix doc, the case hasn’t even been closed yet. Lori Vallow-Daybell was originally arrested for child neglect back in February 2020, shortly after her marriage to Chad Daybell. Tylee and J.J. hadn’t been found at this point, and police were working for permission to search the family home.

Once they discovered the childrens’ remains, Vallow-Daybell had to be recharged with concealing evidence, while Chad Daybell was arrested on suspicion of murder.

As of 2022, the investigations are actually still ongoing. Prosecutors are trying to determine what actually happened to J.J. and Tylee, as well as the events leading up to their parents’ arrests.

where are lori and chad daybell now

Photo via Netflix

The couple will be standing trial sometime in 2023, when Lori Vallow-Daybell has been deemed competent to take the stand (she spent 2021 in a mental health facility). They’re currently waiting in police custody, where their bails, set at millions of pounds, are essentially unpayable.

In 2022, she refused to enter a plea on the charge of murder.

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