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Just 39 memes that prove Do Revenge is the best Netflix movie of all time

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Do Revenge is the best film on Netflix of all time and these 39 memes and reactions prove it. Everything about this movie was iconic and not a single crumb was dropped. From the outfits, the cast, the soundtrack, the gorgeous friendship between Drea and Eleanor and that plot twist – big wows all round. Not a single gay or girlypop was left unattended to whilst watching this movie and I will cherish Netflix until the day I die for that.

Do Revenge has landed itself amidst the greats alongside Mean Girls, John Tucker Must Die and the likes of Clueless. It’s gorgeous, camp and iconic. Here are 39 memes that prove Do Revenge on Netflix is the best film of all time.

1. You and I both know this is true

2. Facts

3. I am shaking over how iconic this movie is

4. Radiating Glennergy

5. I love when they do bad things too!

6. I’m sensing a theme here

7. SO personal

8. Literally this

9. This scene is perfection

10. Umm, normalise being obsessed with all three

11. Super casually

12. Netflix’s best movie of all time I fear

13. Immaculate

14. They knew what they were doing


16. Who’s been sleeping on Camila may I ask??


18. Maya’s not wrong

19. Enough

20. So true

21. Love and hate the revenge mommy lines

22. Take! My! Money!

23. Unreal

24. A powerful mix

25. End of

26. What is your point???

27. Nothing is the same when you learn the twist


29. A model for nepo babies everywhere

30. Ugh she’s so cool

31. So good

32. Love Oscar Winner Olivia Colman


34. Toxic but true

35. A good swing

36. Sad but true

37. Stop it

38. Gaslight gatekeep girlboss looool

39. Such a wild and fast turn of events

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