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Netflix’s latest true crime is all about the twisted story of ‘Killer Sally’

Sally McNeil was a bodybuilder who had it all – now she’s spending her life in prison

In the wake of Netflix’s Dahmer and Unsolved Mysteries, true crime fans won’t have to wait long until the next big documentary drops.

Killer Sally, a series all about bodybuilder Sally McNeil, comes out on 9th November. It’ll feature interviews with the friends and family of herself and her late husband, Ray, as well as her own side of the story.

The story looks set to be packed with twists and turns, as it attempts to answer the question: Why did Sally kill her husband?

killer sally

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In 1987, Sally and Ray were both professional bodybuilders, while also serving as sergeants in the Marine Corps. Although she was just 27 years old, Sally had already been divorced after her four-year marriage turned sour. She went on to marry Ray – who was 23 at the time – after briefly dating.

Three years later, Sally was demoted from the navy and, eventually, discharged. Needing to make up for her lack of income, she started providing “muscle worship” services for men who got a kick out of being wrestled to the ground. These appointments were actually recorded – and will be shown on TV for the first time.

Meanwhile, the bodybuilders’ marriage ended up taking a rocky turn. Ray began having affairs, and Sally started getting into trouble for attacking people outside of work. She physically assaulted Ray’s lover at a bodybuilding show, as well as threatening to kill two club bouncers when they told her she couldn’t dance on the bar.

On Valentine’s Day 1995, Sally fatally shot Ray twice, in the abdomen and the head. It was assumed the pair had been in an argument before she killed him – but her newest testimony seems to suggest Sally had been “abused” by Ray throughout their relationship.

Watch the trailer here:

Killer Sally will be available to stream on Netflix from 9th November. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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