Jack Wright Jeffrey Dahmer TikTok

TikToker Jack Wright dressed up as Jeffrey Dahmer and he’s now being slammed for it

He styled his hair and wore clothes to look like Dahmer

Jack Wright is facing backlash online for impersonating Jeffrey Dahmer on TikTok and dressing up as the serial killer cannibal for a video.

Ever since Netflix dropped Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, various trends have blown up on TikTok. Some people were thirsting over Evan Peters playing the killer, whilst others were taking part in a controversial polaroid challenge. However now TikToker Jack Wright is being slammed for cosplaying as Dahmer for a video.

Jack Wright Jeffrey Dahmer TikTok

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In the now deleted video, Jack can be seen drinking milk from a bottle and dancing, similar to what we watched Evan Peters do in his role in the Netflix series. He posted the video yesterday with the caption: “Pov: Psychopaths drinking milk by itself.” For context, Jack has 11.3 million followers on the app.

Jack styled his hair to match Dahmer’s, wore similar clothing and put glasses on for the video. He then drinks milk directly from the carton and dances by himself. Pretty much straight away the video had negative backlash. One person wrote: “I don’t know why people are making a joke out of the Jeffrey Dahmer killings. I don’t know it just doesn’t sit right with me.”


I still can’t belive some of you didn’t know about Jeffrey Dahmer before that show came out. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #jackwright #jeffreydahmer

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Other TikTok users have also started to post their own videos calling out Jack for his. One person said: “What I find most worrying about Jack Wright’s Dahmer cosplay is that before it slipped into the different side of TikTok, his comments were just ‘I was waiting for this one.’ My loves, you sound a little twisted, and to those going ‘he wasn’t the only one doing the dance,’ we know! They’re twisted too.”


i know those pockets of the Internet have always existed but they were way harder to find before this #fypシ #jackwright #jeffreydahmer #evanpeters #halloweenends

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The backlash has also made its way over to Twitter. One person who saw the TikTok said: “Jack Wright being a sexual assault victim and cosplaying Jeffrey Dahmer is extremely insensitive and disgusting and anybody who finds it funny or okay, you need help.”

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