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Inside the kink community’s conspiracy theory that Liz Truss is a 24/7 collared submissive

Bear with me guys

There’s a peculiar but fascinating online conspiracy doing the rounds, and I think you need to hear all about it. The kink conspiracy believe that Liz Truss, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is a 24/7 submissive – and it’s all down to one seemingly nondescript detail: Her necklace.

She owns at least two O-ring necklaces

The stranger rumour comes from the BDSM community clocking that Liz Truss is pretty much never seen without her o-ring necklace. If you Google Image search her, or watch her interviews – they’re right. The necklace is a constant.

In the kink community, most people either fall into the categories of dominant or submissive. Submissives frequently wear collars both when with their doms and in day to day lives. Because it would be incredibly noticeable and perhaps SLIGHTLY inappropriate if Liz Truss went about her Prime Ministerial duties in a leather collar, the online conspiracy of the kink community allege that Liz Truss’ O-ring necklace is actually a day collar – a kink necklace worn by subs that more subtly lets subs express their kink in public.

And the conspiracy quickly tells us how frequently Liz Truss wears the necklace.

One major aspect of this conspiracy, as far-fetched as it may feel, is that if Liz Truss is a 24/7 collared sub then there is public interest in us knowing who pulls the strings. It’s a fascinating, if probably largely fictional, rumour that makes me unable to look at that necklace the same way again.

One Twitter user dismisses it rather wonderfully with this, though: “Begging kinky people to go outside and meet normal people. It’s literally a Cartier necklace – she’s wearing it all the time because it’s expensive and she likes it.”

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