Halloween costume ideas

This is what everyone is dressing up as for Halloween, according to Google

Going as anyone from the cast of Euphoria is so pick me x

Halloween is fast approaching so if you’re a last minute person and in search for a costume then these are the outfits everyone else is Googling for some inspiration.

Every year there are searches for costumes inspired by big TV shows or movies. Last year was Squid Game and this year it’s all about Stranger Things and Wednesday Addams – plus a few rogue ones thrown into the mix.

Halloween costume inspiration doesn’t just come from telly though, it’s all about the classics too. I’m talking witches, devils and the entire cast of Euphoria. So we have compiled the most searched Halloween costumes according to Google Trends so you know exactly what everyone is going to be wearing.

This is what everyone is dressing up as for Halloween this year according to Google:


The devil is a classic, it’s thee staple of Halloween costumes. If there was a competition for which Halloween costume reigned supreme, the devil would win every single time – end of!

Wednesday Addams

wednesday netflix

via Netflix

With Netflix’s new show Wednesday dropping soon, you should really be expecting a load of Wednesdays walking around this year.

Julia Fox

Thanks to Julia Fox and her “Uncut Gems” there has been a big rise in Julia Fox Halloween costume interest. I know, I am just as shocked as you are. To be fair, it’s not hard to get dressed up as Julia Fox for Halloween – all you need is a smoky eye and double-denim and voila!

Eddie Munson Stranger Things

Halloween costume ideas, Eddie Munson Halloween costume

via Netflix

Is anyone surprised? Stranger Things four really blew up this year and everyone was obsessed with Eddie Munson specifically so get ready to see a BUNCH of Eddie Munson’s knocking about this year.

Chrissy Cunningham Stranger Things

Chrissy wake up!

Barbie and Ken

Thanks to Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling being papped on the set of the new Barbie film, Barbiecore was born. This costume is for couples, but obviously every girlfriend in this duo will have forced her boyfriend into the lycra within an inch of his life. Couples have got two choices here, either matching neon outfits or pink cowboy costumes, I know which one I’d rather.

Elvis and Priscilla

Another couples costume! Fantastic.

Literally anyone from Euphoria

how to watch euphoria season two

Photo via HBO

Let’s be honest, going as anyone from Euphoria tells me you are a pick me girl. The cast can be sexy but also it’s just an excuse to fulfil your dying wish to be mates with them all.

Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling

Halloween costume ideas

This costume really isn’t hard whatsoever. All you need is a long blonde wig, an oversized white shirt with a blood stain on it!


You simply can’t escape it, everyone has been a cat for Halloween at least once in their life.

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