Who lives at 657 Boulevard now? What happened to real house from The Watcher on Netflix

The Broaddus family sold up in 2019

The latest horror thriller to be released on Netflix is The Watcher, and it’s left everyone not being able to get the creepy real life case out their minds. The house in The Watcher is now a famous location because of the real life events that happened there, its address being 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey.

The town is just 16 miles away from Manhattan, and had looked like the dream home for Derek and Maria Broaddus, who moved into the six-bedroom property. As soon as they arrived, they started getting creepy letters from an anonymous sender who called themselves “The Watcher”. They were threatening at times, and told the family they were “obsessed” with “monitoring” them, their children, and the house.

The Broaddus family moved out following the letters. So, what happened next? Here’s everything we know about who lives at 657 Boulevard and what the home is like now.

The Watcher house on Netflix, 657 Boulevard

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So, what happened to 657 Boulevard and who lives there now?

Infamous “The Watcher” was never found and, not surprisingly, the Broaddus family sold the house. The family ended up moving out of the house before even fully moving in.

According to reports, the family had to rent the house at first, because too many potential buyers were frightened by the idea of getting letters from The Watcher. The Broaddus family even attempted to have the house taken down and split into two dwellings, but planning permission was declined.

In March 2019, five years after the Broaddus family paid $1.4million for it, they placed the home on the market for $999k. This was despite spending years on renovations.

The Watcher house in real life, 657 Boulevard Westfield now

The real 657 Boulevard, via Google Maps

657 Boulevard was finally sold on July 1st 2019. The estate agent kept the new owners anonymous, but it’s been reported they are named Andrew and Allison Carr. They are described as a “young family in town”.

“I’m happy for them they sold it,” the Broaddus’ lawyer, Lee Levitt, told NJ.com. “I hope this nightmare is behind them, and I look forward to the Netflix version.”

Have the new owners had letters from The Watcher?

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When the sale closed, the Broaddus family asked their real estate attorney to pass on a note to the new owners, wishing them well in their new home. “We wish you nothing but the peace and quiet that we once dreamed of in this house,” it said. They also attached a photograph of The Watcher’s handwriting, so they could recognise it, should any new letters be sent.

According to The Cut, the new owners of 657 Boulevard have not received new letters. Given the new owners were local, this has caused people to question if it was believed locally that the Broaddus’ were making the entire thing up. They have of course said in interviews everything they say they have experienced was true.

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