Rex Orange County fans are straight up burning their merch and removing tattoos

‘Who wants to cut my arm off?’

Fans of Rex Orange County are expressing their regret in buying merch and getting tattoos inspired by him. All of this comes after the allegations of sexual assault he now faces.

Rex Orange County, whose real name is Alex O’Connor, is facing claims from one woman who alleges he assaulted her in London on six separate occasions in two days. The 24-year-old musician was released on unconditional bail after denying the allegations and has a provisional trial date set for 3rd January 2021.

After the news broke earlier this week, fans of Rex Orange County started posting on TikTok expressing their distress – especially the ones with tattoos. Other fans of him have started to record themselves burning their merchandise.

One user,@SammyKelly, posted a video of themselves ripping down posters of Rex Orange County and then ripping one of him in half. She captioned the video with: “Forever glad I didn’t buy any of his new albums or merch.”


Forever glad I didn’t buy any of his new albums merch #rexorangecounty#sa#awarness

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Someone else on TikTok straight up posted a video of them burning their Rex Orange County t-shirt as Corduroy Dreams plays in the background. All of the comments on this post are from men saying “Innocent until proven guilty,” or “Bit dramatic don’t you think?” You can watch the original TikTok video here.


burning my pony merch bye bye rex orange county jail x #rexorangecounty

♬ Corduroy Dreams – Rex Orange County

This TikTok user has a tattoo dedicated to Rex Orange County, in the video they’re seen scrubbing their arm. The caption says: “Who’s going to cut my arm off?”

Kayla Ellis, who has a forearm tattoo of a cartoon TV dedicated to a Rex Orange County song, tweeted: “I have a television so far so good tattoo, the apricot princess vinyl is on my wall, Rex Orange County stickers are on my fridge.” She continued: “My heart immediately broke for the alleged victim. I started crying almost instantly because I knew nothing was going to be the same after hearing this.”

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