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An ode to Adrian: How the world fell in love with MAFS UK’s ‘Captain Curtains’

The nation cheered when he told Whitney to f*ck off

Married at First Sight UK in 2022 has been a rollercoaster, but there’s been one constant through it all to help us weather the choppy MAFS storm – and that’s Adrian. Adrian Sanderson has become a national treasure over the course of his time on Married at First Sight, and this ode to him is a celebration of just how he did it.

‘H from Steps’, ‘Clare Balding’, ‘Captain Curtains’

We first met Adrian at the same time we met Thomas, and the two set to marry at first sight could not be more different if they tried. Honestly, from the wedding and the honeymoon, no one on earth would have put any money on these two even being civil – let alone managing to stay married right up to the final dinner party.

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From scraps with the bestie to calling him everything from H from Steps to Clare Balding, there was nothing at the start of the show that suggested these two could go anywhere. But time is a miraculous thing, and whilst last night saw them depart the show as friends – their love and care for each other has been an amazing friendship to watch. And do you know what that’s down to? The famous virtue itself: Patience.

The most patient man ever

Look, I love Thomas. He has made this season of Married at First Sight all the better for being on it. The drama was absolutely dramaing, and we barely went an episode without a momentous kick off and a storm outside onto the grass for a few puffs on the vape. Many in the cast could not deal with Thomas – they didn’t care to, and they probably didn’t like the home truths he was bellowing at them. Because whilst Thomas was indeed a foghorn throughout dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, he was often standing up for what was right.

Adrian took the time to get to know and understand his pseudo-husband. And through his patience grew a friendship where the two really have each other’s backs. Last night I was actually close to tears watching Thomas and Adrian come to the realisation that it’s where their marriage ends, but their friendship begins. I hope they stick together as mates for as long as Thomas saying “I want you in my life forever.”

‘YOU’RE DONE – fuck off, Whitney’

Okay, I called Adrian calm. But even calm guys can only be pushed so far – and last night we saw Adrian reach his limit. It was all kinds of great, and he spoke for the nation as he shut down the evil end of the table in a mic drop moment that saw him annihilate Matt and then tell Whitney to fuck off. We all would if we could, to be honest.

A moment for the outfits

It wasn’t just his lovely personality, patient manner and vocal ability when he whipped out the musical theatre numbers, Adrian spent the entire series in some of the coolest outfits ever. I’m particularly envious of the double green denim ensemble and the tie dye blazer.

The nation is obsessed

Whilst Adrian is leaving the show after last night, his legacy will live on as the heart of the series. It’s clear that the majority off the cast, certainly any worth your time or attention, have only good to say about a man who was always there for everyone else before himself.

I’ll round up the ode to Adrian from Married at First Sight UK 2022 with a handful of tweets that show just how much we’re all in a Sanderson chokehold.

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