These 27 memes about Bling Empire season three live for the drama more than Kane

Give these a Fenty deal, they deserve it

Bling Empire has come back for a third season, and just as we could have predicted, there was loads of drama for us all to post memes about. This season has seen petty quarrels, full dramas and people storming out of children’s parties. It’s been a lot.

Kane still talks about how he hates drama, but then proceeds to gossip none stop. I can’t believe it’s taken three seasons for us to truly appreciate Dr Gabriel Chiu, and equally, it’s season three and they still manage to bring up that damn penis pump?! Grow up! Move on!

Whilst all of this has been going on, Twitter has been on FIRE with people reacting to it all. Here are all the best memes about season three of Bling Empire on Netflix.

1. Honestly, I’m begging for this

2. Now *this* is cinema


4. Can we please move on

5. This is a Dr Chiu stan account!!!!

6. The chaos???!!!

7. The crossover event we never saw coming

8. This! THIS!

9. Ummmmm

10. Guys, I actually adore this man

11. Literally though, this is all I notice now

12. She wasn’t!!!

13. Truth

The best memes and reactions to season three of Bling Empire on Netflix

14. I fully adore this duo

15. I am now a Christine girlie!

16. Ok but this was so nice 🥺

17. Hahahaha Kevin hun, WHAT’S NEW?

18. Loooooooooool

19. Get IT

20. Just leave me to it xxx

21. Enough!

23. My jaw DROPPED

24. Adore x

25. 😬

26. End OF

27. And to conclude how I feel after another season

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