Right, just how successful are the millionaire cast of Bling Empire really?

Are we talking old money, or are they making at least some themselves?

We’re all aware the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix are all mega rich. That’s the entire idea of the show. But, whilst some of the Bling Empire cast are pretty open about their rich families and where all their money came from, some are a bit more closed-off about how successful their own careers have been, or if they literally are just rinsing old money.

Some of the cast members actually are self-made millionaires, whilst others it would appear, don’t do much work themselves. Early spoiler: Anna Shay has never had a job in her life. Here’s a rundown of just how rich the cast of Bling Empire actually are, and how successful their business ventures and careers are, without the family money they all seem to have.

Kim Lee

Net worth: $10million

The net worths of the cast of Bling Empire and how successful their jobs and careers are

via Netflix

Kim Lee is one of the only cast members of Bling Empire who has made her money completely on her own. She’s a self-made millionaire DJ, now often referred to as “Asia’s Calvin Harris”. She’s hugely successful – having used to be a model but now DJing internationally.

She has worked with the likes of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Diplo and Cardi B and, in season two of the show, learned she has landed a residency gig in a hotel in Las Vegas. Her residency is at the world famous Wynn Nightlife, performing both at Encore Beach Club and XS. You can buy Kim Lee merch too, if you want to. So yes, Kim is big time.

Kane Lim

Net worth: $20million

The net worths of the cast of Bling Empire and how successful their jobs and careers are

via Netflix

As much as his money does come from his family, you have to hand it to Kane, he’s making a career for himself all on his own. He has a mega rich billionaire family which owns shopping malls and his family money has come from oil, shipping, tanking and real estate. But, he has a personal net worth of $20million.

Kane works in real estate and investment, and has recently announced a deal with Rihanna’s beauty brand, Fenty. Right now he’s working for Selling Sunset company The Oppenheim Group as a real estate agent, and is the first southeast Asia ambassador for Fenty. He may have had help from his parents to set up his business investments, but he was able to pay them back within a couple of months, and was a millionaire in his own right by aged 20.

In terms of his measurable success in real estate, The Oppenheim Group website calls him “an experienced real estate developer and agent” and says he “possesses an innate understanding of market trends”. He’s actually sold properties too, so he’s definitely good!

Kevin Kreider

Net worth: $10million

via Netflix

Kevin admitted in season three he’s been struggling finding modelling work, but on the whole, his career looks to have been very successful. Kevin has A LOT going on in his life – he was the focus of 2019 documentary “The Ugly Model” and is the CEO of his own company in Los Angeles, called Taejin Entertainment LLC. He also works as a coach and motivational speaker, giving people advice on nutrition and fitness.

Kevin has also founded a drinks company, called Sans. The drinks are all low calorie, zero alcohol and have Asian themed flavours. As well as this, Kevin has just started a venture with new girlfriend, Devon Diep. They’ve started Alls Productions, which is centered around Asian-lead love stories. The Instagram page for the brand, which not a lot more is known about, says it is “coming soon”. It doesn’t look like he does much modelling these days.

Kelly Mi Li

Net worth: $5million

The net worths of the cast of Bling Empire and how successful their jobs and careers are

via Netflix

Um, guys, Kelly is massively successful in the TV world and I don’t think this is spoken about enough. Kelly is one of the people behind Bling Empire – and is said to be suing a producer of the show for not giving her the credit she deserves for coming up with the entire show! Yes, Kelly is an executive producer on Bling Empire!

The lawsuit is said to claim Kelly and Jeff Jenkins worked on the show together for months, “leading to the successful sale” of it to Netflix. It claims Jenkins “took and exploited Li’s concept and materials, and entered into agreements creating obligations” that she would be paid and named an executive producer on the show. If you look closely, Kelly is named as a producer in the credits of the show that run at the end of some of the episodes.

Kelly is an entrepreneur, film producer and investor. According to IMDb, Kelly was executive producer of Cypher, an FBI decoding series with Sonar Entertainment, as well as crime drama, Echo Boomers, under her production company, Wet Paws Media.

Jaime Xie

Net worth: $50million

via Netflix

In the show, Jaime talks a lot about her personal success in the fashion industry. She shies away from calling herself an “influencer” but a lot of her work is that. She’s also a published model, who has featured in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also worked with some huge luxury brands, including Tiffany & Co, Selfridges, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford Beauty, Valentino Beauty and Sephora. Jaime attended her first Fashion Week aged 17.

But there’s no denying, Jaime Xie comes from huge family wealth. She’s the eldest child of Ken Xie, founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity company, Fortinet. He founded the company in 2000 and has an estimated net worth of around $4billion – this is where the majority of Jaime’s mega net worth comes from.

Anna Shay

Net worth: $600million

via Netflix

I absolutely adore Anna, but a successful career is something she definitely has not had. She’s literally never worked a single day in her life, and I’m not just assuming that, she’s said in interviews she has never, ever, had a job. Anna has done charity work though, including working on the Shay Foundation, which was set up by her late parents.

But, she’s the richest person in the cast of Bling Empire. Anna’s father, Edward Shay, is the late billionaire founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers, a defence contracting firm. On the show it says she is “super super wealthy” and that her money comes from weapons. “Her father sold bombs, guns, defence technology and is a worth a few billion”, Kane said in season one. In 2006, Anna and her brother sold their father’s business for $1.2 billion – which is why she’s worth $600million. Rich? Yes. Successful career? Sorry, but no.

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu

Net worth: $80million

The net worths of the cast of Bling Empire and how successful their jobs and careers are

via Netflix

There is no denying the Chius are a power couple, and their success is their own. They are definitely two of the most successful cast members in Bling Empire. Their huge net worth is from their own business, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, a clinic in Los Angeles built and run by Dr Gabriel Chiu. He is a renowned celebrity plastic surgeon and specialises in reconstructive surgery.

Christine has said before she “loves working” and worked in PR and marketing before hitting the big time. She met Gabriel whilst working for a large medical corporation as vice president for marketing. Now she uses her marketing knowledge to help run the clinic business. The couple owns property and a private jet.

Mimi Morris

Net worth: $100million

via Netflix

Mimi is one of the richest members of the Bling Empire cast and she’s definitely made herself successful, too. Since moving to the US, Mimi has started her own business and modelled for various brands throughout her career. Her $100million net worth is said to mainly be her own, and her husband is worth $800million, separately.

Mimi has been with Donald Morris for 20 years, and they have been married for 10 years. Don is the CEO of Morris Group International. Not a lot is known about the business Mimi owns, but she also makes a big percentage of her income by working on brand deals and endorsements as an influencer, and she runs The Morris Group with her husband.

Dorothy Wang

Net worth: $10million

The net worths of the cast of Bling Empire and how successful their jobs and careers are

via Netflix

Dorothy definitely comes from money – the Wang family is very, very well off. Dorothy’s parents are Roger and Vivine Wang, and 73-year-old Roger is extremely successful in business. He has a net worth of $3.5billion according to Forbes, which makes him the 819th richest person in the world.

But, Dorothy isn’t badly off on her own – she has a net worth of $10million, from her own career. She has been on a couple of other reality TV shows, has worked in real estate, and launched her own jewellery line. She rose to fame on The Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills – appearing on the show from 2014 to 2016. She was also on Famously Single from 2016 to 2017. She has a million Instagram followers, and does some branded work too.

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