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A definitive timeline of Jenna and Julien’s relationship, from meeting to marriage

I can’t believe they’re FINALLY married!!!

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are officially MARRIED – and we also got a glimpse into how she’s doing now.

Over the last two years, Jenna has been on indefinite hiatus from all social media platforms, and subscribers have relied on Julien for small life updates. Back in 2021, he told his Twitch subscribers that the pair had got engaged after eight years of dating. Now, the content creator has revealed he married Jenna in “early November” this year.

It’s been almost a decade since we first saw him on Jenna’s channel – and you’d be forgiven for not remembering every second of their relationship so far. So, here’s the only Jenna and Julien relationship timeline you need:

Jenna met Julien while she was working part-time at a bar

jenna and julien

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According to Julien’s Draw My Life (remember those? What an era!), he met Jenna while he was working weekends at an L.A. bar nine years ago. Julien was a student at this point, and Jenna was still making videos.

“One day I was working at the bar and I got to meet this really cute girl,” he said. “I’d seen her (with friends) but I finally got introduced to her, and one night she said, ‘maybe you should hang out and not work one night’. So I took the night off and spent it with her… and then we started really dating. That girl was Jenna.”

Julien started appearing in Jenna’s videos back in 2013

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Julien’s first appearance on Jenna’s channel was back in mid-2013, where he played Billy Ray Cyrus in a now-deleted Miley Cyrus baking video. He was properly introduced in the video Photo Booth Tag, in which Jenna called him her “friend”. Since then, he went on to feature in pretty much every video, until it became obvious the two were actually dating.

Some of the Jenna-verse’s most iconic characters have been played by Julien – like, remember Moq? I miss her!

After dating for a year, they began hosting the Jenna and Julien Podcast


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Although we usually associate the Jenna and Julien podcast with a luxe studio, techy microphones and the iconic black table – the content creators actually started their podcast in Jenna’s old kitchen. They rarely had any guests on, and so much of the podcast’s content just involved them messing about, but we absolutely LOVED it. The channel grew to almost 1 million subscribers – but after Jenna left YouTube, Julien hosted solo.

The heartbreaking, six-minute final podcast episode aired in 2020, with Jenna coming back to say “thank you so much for all of your support”.

In 2018, they bought a *gorgeous* house together

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After living in a rented home for years, Jenna and Julien managed to buy their first house in 2018. Not only was it absolutely stunning – it was also incredibly boujie, and had a 32-year-old-lady-style wine closet.

“This means the world to us. The absolute world,” Jenna said in her house tour. As well as Jenna’s dogs, Mr. Marbles and Kermit; the pair went on to adopt two more as a couple, Peach and Bunny.

Jenna left YouTube in 2020, and her joint projects with Julien were put on hiatus

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In mid-2020, Jenna posted an 11-minute video taking accountability for “things in my past I’m not proud of.” These included a video of herself doing a Nicki Minaj impression which was perceived to be blackface, a video in which she used anti-Asian slurs and a video called “What Bitches Wear at the Airport.”

As a result, she took an indefinite hiatus from YouTube, Twitch and ended her podcast with Julien. She still hasn’t come back to her channels, but fans are able to receive updates on how she’s doing via Julien’s livestreams on Twitch.

Julien confirmed they’d got engaged in 2021

jenna and julien

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In a video titled “an announcement,” Julien confirmed he was engaged to Jenna after eight years of dating. “A little while ago, I asked Jenna to marry me and she said yes. So, we are engaged,” he said. “I’m very excited and it feels good to just get the words out. I’ve wanted to tell you for a while and I didn’t, because it was giving me anxiety… so, there’s the news. She’s still very much part of my life.”

In November 2022, they got married

Julien revealed last night (22nd December) that he got married to Jenna in November. “Something else happened in November that I wanted to let you know about,” he said. “Jenna and I got married, so we’re married now.”

The couple were inundated with congratulatory tweets and comments as soon as the video went up. “Literally screaming, crying,” one person said. “The love I feel for the two of you is truly insurmountable. Wish you and the dogs all the fricking best.” 

“This makes my heart so happy, congratulations guys,” said another.

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