Dating Wrapped 2022

People on TikTok are sharing their Dating Wrapped 2022 and honestly, it’s so iconic

Bad day for people in committed relationships

There is nothing better to do at the end of the year than reminisce on everything that went down, whether it’s channelled through your Spotify Wrapped, your BeReal recap or in a new TikTok trend, your dating wrapped. TikTok users have been sharing their dating stats of 2022 and calling it Dating Wrapped 2022. The premise of it is simple, people list how many people they’ve kissed, been on dates with and so on and round it all up over the year, and of course they are hilarious.

TikTok users have been making their own homemade PowerPoint presentations, with all the figures about their dating lives across 2022. TikTokers have been including the zodiac signs, hotness and height of the people they have dated or even had just a fling with during the year and it’s so iconic. If you find yourself unable to join in because you’ve been in a committed relationship all year round, you can live vicariously through these Dating Wrapped 2022 TikTok videos:

1. Omg not a scatter chart💀


I KNOW SOME OF U CAN RELATE TO THE END ib: @Nic #dating #Inverted #wrapped #spotifywrapped

♬ original sound – Chris Olsen

2. Licked her tit or whatever x


Low key just doing this to give some of them anxiety #fyp #datingwrapped

♬ original sound – cocolodge

3. Too iconic


seeing myself inverted is my 13th reason #datingwrapped

♬ original sound – julie

4. A part time lover girl 😭😭

5. The pie chart is very good

6. Her PowerPoint making skills are divine


nah because why did this take SO long to make LMAO #datingwrapped

♬ original sound – Abby Roberts

7. The background music truly makes the video


I will not be taking questions on the moment of weakness at this time, thanks x #datingwrapped ib: @Nic

♬ Life’s Incredible Again (Original Mix) – Gasteiz Big Band & Gasteiz Big Band

8. We love a spin on a trend!

9. The voice filter is too good


My dating wrapped 😭 if u see this and we went on a date this year plz just block me #datingwrapped #Inverted

♬ original sound – Gigi!!

10. True quality content

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