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A doctor has accused a 19-year-old TikToker of ‘faking’ her skin condition with makeup

Nancy Morel didn’t hold back in her response

Let’s face it, TikTok can be an absolute cesspit sometimes – and no-one knows this more than 19-year-old Nancy Morel. The content creator from Milton Keynes has often used her platform of 1.6 million followers to shed light on her undiagnosed skin condition. Which, up until yesterday (12th December), came with minimal backlash. 

This was until an (assumingly qualified) dermatologist, who brands herself the “CEO of Lasers,” stitched a video with Nancy’s, accusing her of using makeup to “fake” her skin condition. 

Naturally, Nancy fought back on the claims, and it’s all turned into a bit of a mess. But, what actually happened between the two? And how did it come to this?

In an interview with Buckinghamshire Live, Nancy opened up about having first experienced the skin condition, which causes a “bruise-like” flare-up on one side of her face, when she was 12. She’s never been able to get a diagnosis for the condition, due to it being so rare. 

Her TikTok (@nancy.xoxx) is filled with makeup tutorials and skincare videos, also drawing attention to what a flare-up looks and feels like whenever she experiences one. 

While Nancy is perpetually seeking a diagnosis, dermatologist and “M.D/Educator” Dr. Azi has claimed the skin condition isn’t even real in the first place, claiming she’s just a “very talented makeup artist”. 

@nancy.xoxxI don’t wish this lady any hate or negativity. I am only speaking on this because if 14 year old me saw a video like this she would crawl into her self conscious shell, luckily i have a platform where i try and share positvity about my unique condition and help people grow to be confident in themselves. i hope this lady can understand why this video is extremely upsetting considering her large following and spreading false information on situations she clearly hasnt reserched…..♬ original sound – Nancy Morel

In a now-deleted video, the TikTok doctor explained the flare-up looks “similar to a vascular occlusion” – where blood is no longer able to pass through a blood vessel, leading to the death of skin tissue. But ultimately dismissed as being the work of make-up.

Nancy responded to the video with a big folder of doctors’ notes on her condition. She said she “had skin biopsies” done at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and she was wrongly diagnosed with a condition called Vasculitis. She also listed her symptoms as being “light-headed and dizzy”. 

“This grown woman who is a so-called dermatologist – which she might be, but she’s very wrong in this case – seems to think I might be an incredible makeup artist, let’s show you,” Nancy continued. She then went on to apply makeup remover, which obviously didn’t remove the flare-up. 

The skin-positive creator also showed marks inside her mouth, which are likely caused by her condition. 

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Photo via TikTok

Many people are calling for Dr. Azi to “apologise” in her TikTok comments. In another deleted clip, she addressed Nancy personally before saying sorry for “thinking (her) skin condition was not real.”

“I am really sorry that I made a video that came across as really insensitive,” she said. “I want you to know that it was not my intention, at all. I obviously didn’t know anything about your skin condition or what you’ve gone through… I want you to know it was taken down right away.”

But commenters are having none of it. “Her apology came off as really disingenuous and only trying to save face,” one person said.

“The fact she tries to claim that she’s trying to educate people but she doesn’t even do her own research smh,” said another.

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