Liam Payne painting

Guys, Liam Payne spent 50 hours on his oil painting of the Queen and it’s not even good

How can someone go from writing Strip That Down to oil painting senior royals??

Liam Payne has had many embarrassing moments in his career, the 2022 calendar year hasn’t been kind to him. But equally, the man doesn’t make it easy for himself when he goes and spends 50 hours of his time doing an oil painting of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

I get it, it’s a nice gesture. But one, the Queen died back in September and two, it’s not even a good painting. Why’s he paying tribute to someone who died months ago and why is he wasting 50 hours of his life doing it???

The 29-year-old ick, sorry singer, posted on Instagram last week showing an image of his unfinished work which had taken 50 hours to paint at the point that pic was taken. The image was also 4.5 feet tall for christ sake. This man has too much time on those precious hands of his.

Liam Payne painting


In his oil painting, Queen Elizabeth can be seen wearing the State Diadem and a diamond crown which was made in 1820 for King George IV, Queen Victoria’s uncle. She’s also seen wearing a green dress with a white ash across the front as well as a broach and a statement necklace.

Liam Payne painting

This isn’t the first time Liam has painted a senior royal though. He did it last year too, in an attempt to honour Prince Phillip before his funeral. At least that one was on time. He posted a picture of his oil painting last year with the caption “Rest in peace HRH Prince Phillip. Small tribute to you, thank you for your service.” He’s even signed the thing which makes me think he’s taking this art malarky seriously.

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