Vanilla girl TikTok trend

Introducing the Vanilla Girl: The cosy girl who definitely has her life together more than you

You best believe she NEVER skips a day of her skincare routine

Step aside the cosy girl and the clean girl, there’s a new aesthetic everyone is aspiring to be like – the vanilla girl. Right now, there’s been a huge surge in people on TikTok calling themselves a vanilla girl, and sharing the lifestyles they think match her vibe.

According to Pour Moi, videos about the trend have already got 98.9million views on TikTok. So yeah, she’s a pretty big deal. So who is the vanilla girl? What does she do? Are you a vanilla girl? Here’s all you need to know.

The vanilla girl is like a cosy or a clean girl, but she’s got her shit together

In 2020 we all became cosy girls, forced into lockdown but desperately trying to embrace it as much as possible. The cosy girl lived in sweatpants and hoodies, always had a cup of tea in hand, and loved nothing more than snuggling up to watch a movie with a hot water bottle.

The vanilla girl trend is much like this, but with a more put together edge. A vanilla girl loves getting cosy on a Sunday or in the evening, but she is NEVER lazy. God forbid! It’s inspired by the sweet, homely, comforting but simple taste and scent of vanilla itself, and the fashion looks reflect this. The vanilla girl is clean girl’s cosier, softer sister. 

Her wardrobe is to die for

Charlotte Johnson, buyer at Pour Moi, is an expert on how to nail this trend. According to her, to fully embrace the vanilla girl trend, you can opt for an all-cream outfit. Naturally. The vanilla girl loves a chic beige knit, double cream looks, cute cable knits, silky PJs, warm tones, denim staples, suede boots and light coloured trainers. Oh and you KNOW she’s got her hands on some ultra-mini UGGs.

“The key is to pick differing shades of cream to break up the look,” Charlotte said. She said the vanilla girl will mix textures, and knows how to subtly and softly add other tones to her looks. “Beige, caramel, gold, light pinks, rose golds and nudes are perfect vanilla girl shades to bring into your outfits.”

The vanilla girl is an advocate for 5-9 schedules

Remember that TikTok trend where people were sharing their 5-9 schedules? Half of us assumed that was purely about what people did from 5pm-9pm after work or uni, but no, the vanilla gals knew this was all about what you get up to when you naturally arise with the sun. Beautiful.

Of course the vanilla girl gets up early and still looks perfect. Hours before the working day has begun she’s off doing errands, a full skincare routine, drinking oat lattes and walking down cobbled streets as the world around her awakes. She’s the main character, and her life is like a 00s romcom.

Of an evening the vanilla girl will either have a steaming shower to wash away her day, or relax in a bubblebath over flowing with bath bombs and soaps. She’ll eat something she saw Emily Mariko make on TikTok, and light a candle whilst she contemplates everything she has achieved. She is fully living in domestic bliss.

And the vanilla girls has an Instagram feed that dreams are made of

Obviously, if someone has their life this well thought out and collected, their Insta feed is going to be dreamy. Think outfit pics a fashion influencer would even be jealous of, soft hue pics of a bubble baths and candles, and never being photographed without a coffee in hand.

It’s giving candid, oh I didn’t see the photographer there, whilst also giving yep, everyone needs to be taking pictures of me because I look great. Goals.

My aim in life is to become vanilla. End of.

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