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Introducing the Oh Polly girl: The ultra glam party princess TikTok is totally scared of

‘We don’t want your man’

Endless archetypes have been born from TikTok: the clean girl, the pick me girl, that girl – to name a few. And lately, there has been a fascination surrounding a new genre of woman: The Oh Polly girl. 

Defined by a love of the Ekin-Su-endorsed brand, Oh Polly girls are usually found dressed in their signature cleavage-elevating, curve-hugging body con dresses at every social occasion from boozy brunch to a full on night out. Think of old school Molly-Mae and most of the other Love Islanders, as examples. 

But aside from how hot they are, there’s one thing a lot of TikTokers have noticed about the Oh Polly girls – they’re terrifying. Allow me to explain.

To be fair to the girlies, this aesthetic isn’t the easiest to maintain. Glam, let’s not forget, is hard work– and each OhPolly dress will set you back about £50. Many women have actually posted on TikTok revealing they came to uni as Oh Polly girls and left in nothing but Depop sourced garms, such was the vibe shift. 


In my skinny scarf era and what 🥲🥲🥲 #leedsuni #foryou #viral

♬ original sound – Ian Asher

So, thanks exactly to the almost unbelievable ability to be looking hot and fully preened at every event, there’s a mystique that surrounds OhPolly girls, with many other TikTok users seemingly feeling a touch intimidated: 

Why are people on TikTok scared of Oh Polly girls? 

The thing about an Oh Polly girl is she loves to party and she will never ever choose comfort over style. There’ll be heels, there’ll be glitter body spray, there’ll almost certainly be a carefully applied face of makeup. 

If you’re more of an Urban Outfitters corset, Ed Hardy cargo pants type of person – then this could grind your gears. And there’s been somewhat of a competitive nature brewing between the casual dressers and the Oh Polly party princesses on TikTok. 


Starting to think I want to get into POVs, again we all know this girl 👀 #PerfectPartner #ITriedItIPrimedIt #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Mac Allison

And, usually it’s over boys. “When his type is oh polly girls…crying,” wrote one girl as she posed to the ‘breaking my heart, girl’ audio.  “When all their exs are oh polly girls so i k[now] i’m just an experiment,” read another. 

“To all the Oh Polly girls that were messaging my boyfriend before we got together,” said a third triumphantly in a full tracksuit “I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow nominees who will now and forever be known as the guys who lost to f*cking Adam Sandler,” 

Obviously, it’s ludicrous to diminish someone’s personality down to a dress. And, generally, the Oh Polly girlies seem essentially to fit the same mould as the popular girls at school who everyone was intimidated by, but turned out to be unexpectedly nice in a crisis. 

You know the type of women: she’ll compliment your outfit in the club toilet, even though you have totally different aesthetics. She has a masterful knowledge of how to use tit tape, which she’s willing to share. And, despite getting a lot of male attention – doesn’t want any drama. 

“From the OhPolly, fake, tanned, blonde girl: I don’t want your man,” one OP girl cleared up on TikTok after the backlash. “Right?,” added another. “We came out for a good Instagram pic not to steal your man. I mean we could, but that’s another story.”

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