that girl essentials

Only a true TikTok ‘that girl’ has at least 47/53 of these items

That girls can’t live without their Alo leggings and gratitude journals

The “that girl” TikTok is probably the most enduring aesthetic on the app. It’s been around for almost a year and yet our FYPs are still full tanned toned girls drinking green juices, ice rolling their faces and getting up at 5am to do pilates. It’s practically a religion at this point. There’s nearly 3 billion views for the “that girl” hashtag with one of the additional hashtags being “that girl essentials”.

Sure being a that girl is a state of mind, but of course it’s something you can buy into too. Skincare, workout clothes and just about everything acrylic for your home – straws, cups and laptop stands – they all must be acrylic. The ultra that girls are creating Amazon lists for aspiring followers to get the “that girl” look too. Because who wouldn’t want to get out of bed and drink warm water with lemon every morning, before completing their gratitude journal?

So if you consider yourself to be a certified ‘that girl’ then these are all the essentials you should have, otherwise you get kicked out of the yoga class:

1. Perfectly clean cream bedding

2. A silk pillowcase

3. A Lumie alarm clock so you can wake up “naturally” – whatever that means

4. A salt lamp because a regular lamp just won’t do

5. A vase full of pampas grass

via Amazon

6. A Matisse print

7. An acrylic perfume stand

8. An acrylic makeup organiser for when you dare to put products on your face

9. A collection of aesthetic coffee table books

10. An essential oil diffuser complete with calming scents

via Oliver Bonas

11. A spray bottle for your small collection of plants

12. A fancy coffee machine complete with built in milk frother

13. Oat milk for said coffees

14. A mason jar to drink your morning lemon water and green juices out of

15. Matcha powder for the green juices

16. Well you need something to make those green juices in so a highly efficient blender is key

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17. How else would you drink green juices without an acrylic reusable straw?

18. Tupperware to organise your pre cut veggies – Emily Mariko eat your heart out

19. Protein powder

20. Supplements

21. At least one pair of Alo leggings

22. A minimum of 10 matching gym sets

via Alo

23. A yoga mat

24. Resistance bands

25. AirPods

26. An Apple Watch

27. Bala bands

28. A water bottle with markers of how much you’ve drank, bonus points if it includes motivational messages

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29. A gratitude journal

30. A goals journal

31. And a daily planner, because you need three different books for this

32. The book “101 Essays To Change The Way You Think”

33. A thousand Pinterest boards with incredibly specific vibes depending on your mood

34. An acrylic laptop stand which you rest your laptop as it displays the time in that big clock

35. An iPad complete with a beige case

36. Your Pinterest inspired vision board as the background for your phone, iPad and laptop

37. Blue light glasses because all this screen time is giving you a headache

via Cult Beauty

38. Byredo perfume

39. A bath tray, most likely wooden

40. A bunch of eucalyptus in the shower

41. An ice roller because you’re just SO puffy in the morning

42. An LED light therapy mask if you’re especially minted

42. Silk scrunchies

43. A lifetime supply of Olaplex

44. Select Charlotte Tilbury products, mainly the Hollywood Flawless Filter

via Amazon

45. The Laneige lip sleeping mask

46. At least one Sol De Janeiro product, ideally the Brazilian Bum Bum cream

47. A dry brush

48. Ugg slippers which are only to be worn inside

49. Matching set of grey trackies

50. More claw clips than you can count

51. Multiple caps to wear whilst working out

52. Gold hoop earrings

53. Crew neck socks

Featured images credit via Instagram @emalygisell, @kaylieestewart

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