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Ok, so what actually is the ‘that girl’ vibe everyone is trying do on TikTok?

It’s the wellness version of Hot Girl Summer

There’s always that one girl who seems to have her life together – she gets up early to work out, drinks green juices, fills out gratitude journals, drinks two litres of water and has an all round calming presence. And now girls on TikTok are trying to be her.

Over the last few weeks a number of Pinterest style videos popped up on TikTok with girls saying they wanted to become “that girl” and sharing a number of aesthetic images that look like they come straight from a Scandi influencer’s Instagram.

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She’s the girl you’re jealous of and yet secretly want to be. But what exactly is the “that girl” trend that’s taking over TikTok?

What is the ‘that girl’ trend on TikTok?

The “that girl” trend kinda feels like the wellness version of Hot Girl Summer. It’s not about going to get pissed with your mates and living your best single life.

Instead it’s about self fulfilment and achieving your goals. The “that girl” gets up early, makes her bed, works out, eats a bowl full of fruit all before you’ve even woken up. She fills out gratitude journals, reads every day and studies hard. She’s essentially a walking Pinterest board.

It’s not exactly clear when or where the concept of “that girl” came from, but a number of videos have been uploaded to the app in the last few weeks. Many have thousands of views and likes, and the comment sections are full of other girls saying things like “love that for you”, “yes queen” and anything else you can imagine on a pink mug.

TikTok users share videos of them going about their “that girl” routines or sharing advice on how to achieve the lifestyle. The thinking behind the videos appears to be holding themselves accountable and inspiring other women to work towards their “best selves” and focus on themselves.

How does one become ‘that girl’?

If you’re feeling like this is most definitely your vibe, then a number of TikTokers have shared some advice on how to achieve this lifestyle.

Some of the advice is great and harmless – drink water, sleep more and find a signature perfume. It’s not earth shattering advice but if it makes you feel good then go with it. However other pieces are getting rinsed for being unattainable or just plain stupid.

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This is some of the advice TikTokers are giving out to achieve “that girl” vibes:

1. Go on a walk every day

2. Eat more fruit and veg

3. Find a signature scent

4. Find your music taste

5. Cut or dye your hair

6. Try even harder in class

7. Go on Pinterest and find clothes you like

8. Save your money up to buy your dream wardrobe

9. If someone is hurting you, leave them

10. Read more books

11. Make a sad playlist, so you’re prepared for anything

12. Be nice to everyone

13. Buy a bikini

14. Leave a toxic relationship

15. Stop eating junk food

16. Be direct, never desperate

17. Stay out of drama

18. Compliment other girls

19. Forget about boys you don’t need them

20. LED lights are the best for your room

Um, does anyone else have no clue what one TikToker meant when she said “be direct, not desperate”? I’m still figuring it out.

Are there any problems with the ‘that girl’ trend?

At the core of this is trend is a desire to reach your goals. But it’s also about the idea of bettering yourself, because of the belief that the you right now isn’t good enough.

Working out, eating vegetables and drinking loads of water – it’s the simple advice given to us by doctors. However coming from the TikTokers who also suggest you cut people out of your life and read more books, it appears to be more about an overall transformation of the individual. Everything about you has to change in order for you to be successful and happy.

And just like the wellness industry it promotes expensive products that will help you get there. LED lights, plants, books and clothes aren’t necessarily expensive but add it all together, and it costs a lot to be your “best self”.

Of course many of the girls creating the videos are not attempting to perpetuate the toxic ideologies of the diet industry. But their videos show how entrenched our belief is that a green juice and yoga session is the key to feeling whole and happy.

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