Ok, so how much of a gross girl are you really?

Gross gross girls eat food out of their bras

Girls are truly gross. Sorry to all the men out there but I am here to burst your bubble. We fart, poo, burp and sniff our bloody sanitary towels. But girls, just how gross are you really?

Are you getting dirty clothes out of the washing basket to wear even though they smell? Do you wee in the shower? And do you leave your toe nail clippings on the floor?

We’ve created a poll to allow you to compare yourself to others on the grossness scale. There are no right answers. Some people are happy to wear an unwashed bra but draw the line at texting their mates about poo. Whereas others are obsessed with pulling out ingrown hairs but feel ill at the thought of popping a spot.

These 21 gross habits cover periods, washing and makeup and if you do all 21 habits then you’re very much a certified gross girl.

Vote in our poll to see how much of a gross girl you truly are:

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