Here are 21 truly cursed Valentine’s Day cards you can subject your partner to

Just how much do you hate your significant other?

Valentine’s Day is cringe. A whole day dedicated to declaring how much you love your significant other is not well suited for awkward British sensibilities. And so we try and sum up just how much we care about someone with the humble card. Except that is pretty hard to do when the current card options are the absolute worst.

If you search for Valentine’s Day cards online you are presented with a truly dire selection. There’s the culture inspired ones with “jokes” about Boris Johnson and Sue Gray. There’s the incredibly sexually graphic cards which look they were taken out of the notebook of a 14 year old boy. And of course there’s the terrifying cards which include passive aggressive “jokes” about hating or killing your partner. Aren’t you supposed to love them?

These are the 21 worst Valentine’s Day cards you can buy this year:

1. Ah modern love

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2. We get it, you have sex

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3. Would dump my partner if they gave me this

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4. The speed at which people will jump on a trend never fails to amuse me

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5. This is absolutely unacceptable

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6. What’s more offence – the rhyme or Boris Johnson on a Valentine’s Day card?

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7. There is zero need for political themed cards

8. I’m sure Molly-Mae will love they’ve highlighted her dark roots

9. Gag

10. I just love this weird trend where we make jokes about men not knowing how to do the most basic of chores – hilarious

11. Now this is a quick cultural turn around

12. Chaos

13. Nothing says love like the not so subtle pressure to get someone to propose

14. This is a year eight style joke

15. This should be illegal

16. Who did this to Regina?

17. Absolute hell

18. I’m embarrassed to be straight at this point

19. I cannot

20. Charming

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21. This whole discourse is weird to me

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