Girls are sharing what gives them the ick, and some of them are absolutely ridiculous

‘Filling their car up with petrol’

We have all experienced the ick at some point. That sinking cringe feeling when you start dating someone new, it’s going well and then they do something that completely puts you off them forever and you feel a little bit sick in your mouth at the thought of them touching you.

It’s a natural thing and a gut feeling that should not be ignored. You could catch the ick for a totally valid reason, like them being rude to waiting staff, or his mum still buying his clothes for him. On the other hand sometimes it could be something that makes absolutely no sense and would not be a problem for other people. But hey, it’s your life and if you don’t like something about someone you’re dating, dump em and move onto the next.

However some girls on Twitter are sharing the reasons they’ve got the ick and honestly, some of them are beyond ridiculous. Like are they meant to be a joke? I can’t tell.

Twitter user Liv started off a thread last night asking for people to reply with their icks, and the girls did not hold back. I hardly ever feel sorry for men, but some of these reasons the girls have got the ick are insanely hilarious and ridiculous and I have no idea how men are supposed to date us.

These are the most 31 ridiculous reasons girls have got the ick:

1. Isn’t that the point of dating?

2. Are they meant to just get wet?

3. Hahahah

4. Thank god I have never seen a man do this

5. Poor short guys

6. TBF this is weird, sitting like a child

7. Do you want them to get run over?

8. Depends how they’re sitting


10. I give up

11. Sorry, what?

12. Yeah tbf a spinning chair moment is not the one

13. The way they try and style it out

14. Ugh, gag worthy

15. I like my men silent at theme parks

16. This is literally their anatomy, what are they meant to do?

17. I am dying at all of these

18. Dressing gowns and men just do not go together

19. Do men do this?

20. Just stand still next time hun

21. That clunky metal sound

22. Not a fit look

23. In fairness, not his fault his mates are rude and don’t reply

24. Are they meant to stand the whole time?

25. When they look like they don’t have a neck

26. Yeah what you got in there? You’re not moving in x

27. Stalling is beyond cringe

28. That face is just the worst

29. Hahha what else are they meant to do?

30. Grim

31. How dare they???

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