Have you caught The Ick or is it just a phase? Take this quiz to find out

Don’t you dare touch me with your icky little hands


Hello and welcome! You’ve arrived here because you’re dating someone you’re not entirely sure about. He is giving you a funny little feeling in your stomach when you’re around him and you’re not sure what it means.

He’s done something very minor but it’s making you question everything. Perhaps he’s proudly rocked up to dinner in a quilted leather jacket and you’re hiding your face so no one sees you together. Maybe this unexpected change in fashion sense makes you not want to kiss him EVER again, and the thought of touching his naked body and having sex with him makes you want to puke.

Those involuntary toe curls you’re experiencing are The Ick, because if you truly liked him, you’d be able to see past it. It’s a condition whereby you are suddenly physically repulsed by the person you’re with for little-to-no reason at all. If caught, The Ick is incurable, so get help before it’s too late.

Our “Is it in Yet?” podcast episode “He wanked next t0 me as I slept: Times we’ve caught The Ick”, delves deep into The Ick phenomenon. We talk to many girls who’ve caught it, who told us the most petty Ick stories we’ve ever heard, plus what to do if you think you’ve caught it.  You can listen to the episode now on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

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So, is this a phase? Are you just being picky? Should you expect The Ick sometime in the near future? Here’s a quick quiz to determine whether you’ve caught The Ick. If the answer is “yes”, it’s time to break it off ASAP.

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