How to have sex with your friends: A step by step guide

Yes, your housemates count as friends

There’s nothing quite like the delicious pleasure of fucking a friend. They’re the forbidden fruit. Then one night it’s just you two alone in the kitchen smashed and eating hummus when oops, it just happens. 

Sure, it might be weird in the morning. But you didn’t have to shave! You made your weird jokes mid shag without worrying that you’re not actually being sexy. And crucially, from now on they’ll be there for you at the end of the night when you’re desperate, lonely and haven’t managed to pull anyone else. Everyone needs a back up shag, so why not be friends with them too?

Of course, friend fucking is a whole different ball game and comes with a new set of challenges. Such as “will I accidentally fall in love with them?” (maybe) and “what if all our friends find out?” (they will). That’s why on this week’s “Is it in Yet?” podcast we’re helping you successfully shag your mate, without making it weird.

In this week’s episode Grace, Josh, Lucy and Dee reach out to friends they’ve had casual sex with, and ask them to review their experience based on sexual performance and awkwardness. As always, there’s friend fucking horror stories, plus a step by step guide on how to pull that mate you’ve had your eye on for a while.

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“Is it in yet?”, a new sex podcast from the girls at The Tab, is the most honest and hilarious sex podcast you’ve probably ever heard. Every week, Grace, Lucy and Dee will be discussing their sex lives, and more importantly yours. In our bedroom with a bottle of Prosecco, obvs.

Expect the best and most outrageous, grim, hot, kinky, sordid, terrifying, weird, gross, explicit sex stories you’ve ever heard and should definitely avoid listening to in public.

The podcast is based on The Tab’s hit sex column “By disappointed girls”, where our readers and contributors talk very openly about their sex lives, and what you should and shouldn’t be doing in bed if you want to have good sex. Their advice has been read over 3 million times already, and includes extremely crucial tips such as: How to eat a girl out, properly.

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