Introducing the Zara girl: The better, more professional version of yourself

If you don’t know one, it’s you!!


Navigating the adult world at large isn't easy, and you've always got some important questions at hand. What's a credit rating? When will I buy a house? When will I meet the one? And the most important question of course – what will I look like?

Meet the Zara girl: she has an answer to every single one of those questions, because if you can figure your way out through a Zara sale, you can do anything. She loves shopping in Zara and occasionally & Other stories, and she's got her whole life planned out. Her weekend doesn't pass without a bottomless brunch "with the girls", or a cultural fix from some cool art exhibition you've never heard of.

She's got it all and she's the one everyone wants to be. She's the girl who had a lot of fun at uni, partied for three hard years and became a professional woo girl when she started work.

She's like you, but way less uni, still wears glitter on occasion and is more refined in every single way. Here's how to spot one:

Firstly, she has an incredible wardrobe (mostly from Zara) and will let you borrow anything:

She's really easy going, so you can rely on her to lend you a dress for an important occasion. A big fan of black, she probably has another five dresses from Zara that look the exactly same, but are in fact a slightly different cut.

She doesn't put up with anyone's bullshit

The Zara girl simply doesn't have the energy to be dealing with anyone's shit. She has carefully curated a life plan to follow, and if someone threatens to mess with it, she'll just cut them out.

She knows all the most Instagrammable places in the city

If you don't know where to go for brunch, dinner or drinks, she'll hit you up with a list of the most instagrammable venues, and provide you with all the details of the cocktails they do, in order of preference.

Her room has these following items:

– White sheets

– Different types of plants, especially succulents in little pots

– Copper items, like lamps and photo frames

– Candles

– Fairy lights

She does yoga once and thinks she's an expert


She has perfect plandids on Instagram

Just like the rest of her life, her Instagram account is perfectly put together. It has an exemplary aesthetic and follows a vibrant colour scheme. Expect to see pictures of her at bars, clubs, family functions, art galleries and city breaks – all with excellent lighting, even if the picture has been taken at night. During summer, there are a lot of bikini shots, and her captions are always 10/10.

She owns this black aviator jacket from Zara

You know the one.

Probably tried going vegan a few times, before giving up due to her true love for chicken nuggets

At first it was because she needed a detox after all that partying. She read up on all the health benefits and everyone in her yoga class seemed to be either veggie or vegan, so she thought she'd give it a go. But after three harrowing days, that plan went out the window the minute she got dragged into a McDonald's after a night out.

Then next time she went vegan again was after watching Cowspiracy and Food Inc. But a week or two later, the occasional meat and dairy started slipping back in. She goes by the term 'flexitarian' now.

She listens to podcasts, which go completely over her head

Whether it's during her commute or on a Sunday morning, she'll have a podcast on in the background to try and learn something new. But most of it will go completely over her head as she's probably hungover from the night before.

This time of year is her favourite because she gets to wear all those jumpers and polo necks she's amassed

She has an assortment of beige jumpers and neutral polo necks. And she usually pairs them with dainty jewellery and really natural make-up. Every time you see her, she'll be wearing a new Zara jumper that looks incredible on her, but when you try it on, you look like you're wearing a bin bag.