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Here are all the signs you might be living in a ‘sad girl house’

The inhabitants will usually be found in their living room wearing dressing gowns and waiting for their hair to dry


When you agree to live in a house of all girls, you imagine all of you running around with feather dusters, cooking together and turning your pad into a fluffy-pillowed paradise.

Yes, sometimes that becomes a reality. Your house is dotted with various things from the Primark home range and there's never a time where you can't find a blanket. However, the eventual reality of the sad girl house is too real, and for most of us that's what we end up living in.

Living in a sad girl house doesn't necessarily mean the girls who live there are sad. More accurately, the dreams of a girly paradise that never quite came true makes them a little bit sad. Nevertheless, you still love your sad girl life.

Here are all the signs if you think you, your girlfriend or your mates could be falling victim to the sad girl house epidemic.

There's cups of tea on the go all the time

Wake up. Tea. Netflix. Tea. Doing work. Tea. It gets to the point where everything feels wrong unless there's a mug in your hand. You'll all learn the skill of the kettle radar – recognising the sound of the kettle being put on no matter where you are in the house.

If it's not tea, then you're all boiling the kettle to fill up your thermal coffee cups to take to lectures. You've accepted the fact you're too poor for a Starbucks and a cup with 'Coffee Time' written across it is just as cute.

Loads of unwashed mugs of tea with the tea bag still in

Well, you drink a lot of tea – what do people expect?

There's a pile of films in the lounge that you'll never watch

Images of you all in front of the TV with a pizza watching a film are what you had always imagined. Instead, that boxset of Friends and copy of John Tucker Must Die are just played on repeat.

Primark diffusers

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In the obligatory trip to Primark when you moved in you will have all bought diffusers, as well as blankets and quote signs. Each room smells of strawberries, grapefruit, fresh linen or vanilla.

There are boxes of birth control pills abandoned in the bathroom with a few still left

Ahhh, I remember someone screaming "I'M SO DONE WITH THESE. LIKE SO DONE. I'D RATHER HAVE A BABY." That must be where they're from.

You'll own things like straws or a cocktail shaker but not essentials like a sieve or enough cutlery

You want me to define 'essentials'? A cocktail shaker is just that.

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One solitary decoration, maybe a wicker heart or an inspirational quote sign

The whole place looked so bare before you went to Primark and bought that "Fiesta like there's no tomorrow" sign, now the room is complete. Common decorations in the sad girl house also include: light boxes, bunting, fairy lights or scatter cushions.

Sad girl house uniform: slippers, trackies, dressing gowns and wet hair

Nobody can be bothered to dry their hair so a good couple of hours are spent on the sofa in your dressing gown waiting for it to dry. Unless there's a vital reason to get dressed, you won't bother. Can you even remember the last time you saw your housemate fully dressed?

There are always plenty of blankets left on the sofa

Primark throws are a God send. The ugly sofa in the lounge is now everyone's favourite because of the brand new blanket strewn across it. Just wait til you move out and everyone tries to claim it.

The bathroom is covered in spilt make-up

I don't remember the sink being orange? The tint of foundation never leaves. And who gets so close to the mirror that there's mascara all over it??

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There is hair. Everywhere.

On the carpets, in the kitchen, in the plug holes, probably up the walls. "We really need to hoover" you say as you walk past the same clump of hair that's been there since September.

Photos are stuck on the wall, probably in an attempted heart shape

No girl's room is complete without hundreds of photos. You desperately try to recreate that photo you saw online of the prettiest wall hanging of photos but instead you end up with a wonky heart of photos from Freshers' Week that are all curling inwards at the edges.

A jewellery stand – draped with tangled necklaces

At least one of you will own one of these. The necklaces will never be taken off it, and the lucky ones that actually get worn will not return to the stand.

There's a very dead plant – it seemed like a good idea at the time

Let's get a cactus!!! Or some flowers!!! *Never looks at it ever again*

Clean washing everywhere

Doing the laundry is not a problem, because you're all domestic goddesses. It's just the putting it away part that you haven't mastered.

Birthday cards still up that are five months old

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It hasn't been anyone's birthday in months, but they just look so cute.

Christmas toiletry sets are all in the bathroom

Soap and Glory, the Bodyshop, Victoria's Secret – you name it, you've got it. You'll end up taking them all back home with you too.

There's always lots of baking going on, and is used as an alternate activity to going out

You either bake all the time, or say you're going to bake all the time but never do.

If you feel like most of these apply to you, then I'm sorry but you are a member of the sad girl house. Now that's established, I'm off to Primark – my diffuser isn't strong enough.