Bournemouth Uni bans charging of e-bikes and e-scooters after ‘several safety incidents’

The ban also includes the charging and storage of electric skateboards and hoverboards


The storing and charging of electric items including bikes, skateboards, hoverboards and electric scooters on campus has been banned by Bournemouth University.

The ban follows “several safety incidents” on campus relating to lithium battery devices being left on charge, and sometimes unattended, for extended periods of time.

The university said there were concerns over the use of incompatible chargers as well as the use of imported, less safe batteries, and the community should be aware of the “risks and hazards” relating to these types of batteries.

On Monday 5th February the university provided guidance on safely handling lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium polymer (LiPo) cells and battery packs, including their safe disposal.

It highlighted e-scooters, electric skateboards and hoverboards, which use lithium batteries that are higher voltage and are less likely to be within current regulations.

A statement from Bournemouth University said these devices are “the primary cause of the recent highly publicised and in many cases, fatal incidents”.

It also said: “In recent years, there have been a growing number of product recalls involving lithium batteries, citing overheating, fires and explosions relating to the use of this type of battery.

“Given these risks, it is important lithium batteries are managed in a safe way and our BU community are aware of the risks and hazards of using these types of batteries.”

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said via their website that “on occasion, there is a risk that batteries can fail catastrophically, ‘explode’ and/or lead to a rapidly developing fire”.

It added: “Avoid storing or charging e-bikes and e-scooters on escape routes or in communal areas of a multi-occupied building. If there’s a fire, it can affect people’s ability to escape.”

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