Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee
Bournemouth University

Comedy writing, combatting stereotypes, creativity, written word, communication, young adult fiction and discussing the student lifestyle!

  • Annabel is a content writer for Bournemouth’s The Tab. Duties include; writing articles, producing well-written work, catering for the magazine’s demographic and working within time frame.
  • Annabel frequently enters creative writing competitions and loves to experience the world of writing by expressing her own voice. She loves to highlight and confront issues, raising awareness for ADHD and the LGBTQIA+.
  • Alongside her studies, Annabel works part-time as the social media coordinator for Butcombe Brewery (The Pavilion Arms).


Annabel has writing experience stemming from her musical theatre background. Since joining Bournemouth University to study English, she has published work on different forms of media. This includes her content writing for The Tab (September 2023-current).


Annabel is a Bournemouth University student studying the BA (Hons) in English. Throughout her degree, she has been able to build upon her passion for writing by specialising in fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.


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