Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee
Bournemouth University

Annabel loves to experience the world of writing by expressing her own voice. She aims to highlight and confront issues, raising awareness for ADHD, the LGBTQIA+ and animal rights.

  • Annabel has been a content writer for Bournemouth’s The Tab since 2023. Duties include: writing articles, producing well-written work, catering for the magazine’s demographic and working within a time frame.
  • As of August 2024, Annabel takes on the role as Editor in Chief! This role comes with the responsibility of managing the team of content writers and sub-editors, communicating with HQ when necessary and the curation and distribution of monthly commissions.
  • Alongside her studies, Annabel works as the Online Sales Manager for Margaret Green Animal Rescue. This charitable organisation focusses on the well-being and rehoming of animals. This role is a step in the right direction for Annabel, as she wants to work in the communications sector for a charity post-graduation.


Annabel is proud to be a published poet, in Fresher Publishing's ISSUE II: Found Family. This online magazine is known for providing a space and recognition to new, emerging voices.


Annabel is a Bournemouth University student studying the BA (Hons) in English. Throughout her degree, she has been able to build upon her passion for writing by specialising in fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.


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