Here are the five best places in Bournemouth for a hot girl walk

Just try not to get pooed on by any seagulls

The “hot girl walk” is a phenomenon that every woman should know. In a time where we are facing significant discrimination and adversity, it has never been more important to truly honour ourselves and re-unite with our sexy, independent sides. So what is the hot girl walk?

There are multiple definitions online however it can be best described – and implemented – as a walk that makes you feel empowered. The goal is not to burn calories or reach a specific destination, but rather to feel confident and in control of your life.

Here is my advice on how to have the ultimate hot girl walk, and the five best places in Bournemouth to do so. *Please remember to choose the time of your walk carefully. Preferably the hot girl walk is to be done independently.*

1. Bournemouth Beach

This one is obvious but it still deserves a mention. The beach may as well have been created for hot girl walks. It provides the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Pamela Anderson or to have some poetic self-reflection. The beach can be enjoyed fully on a sunny day or when the sun is setting. For those of you who wake up early, the sunrise is not to be missed. The beach also boasts extensive nature. Keep an eye out for a family of goats on the cliffs! When leaving the beach, I recommend leaving via Bath Road for some charming scenery.

Nearby places for food/activities:

  • Prom Cafe
  • Harry Ramsden’s
  • The arcades
  • Observation wheel
  • Oceanarium

Get that phone on Do Not Disturb and pick out a favourite album or podcast to listen to. Note that no likes of Adele or Phoebe Bridgers are allowed – this walk is not about giving your ex any more brain space! A personal fave pod of mine is The Girls Bathroom.

2. Bournemouth Pier 

Bournemouth Pier is a fab location to reward yourself with after embarking on some quality you time. Enjoy a stunning view of the beach free of charge in the winter months. It is also home to a zip-lining experience, however that’s for another article…

Make sure you’ve wrapped up warm. Put on an oversized jumper, furry coat and comfy trainers. Please don’t wear Crocs if you value a clean bedroom floor (to this day there’s still sand on mine).

3. Bournemouth Parks – Lower Gardens

Just a seven minute walk from the beach, Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens is gorgeous. It is full of lush greenery and many happy families and dog owners. If you’re lucky they may even be someone busking. Explore the cafes that are tucked away behind the bushes – you deserve to treat yourself!

Nearby places for food/activities:

  • Picnic Park Deli
  • Urban Garden
  • The Stable
  • Lower Gardens Mini Golf

Ensure that you’ve eaten a hearty, preferably healthy, meal too. Avocado and egg on toast in particular would be a 10/10 choice.

4. Boscombe Beach

Boscombe Beach is another lovely beach destination that will provide the perfect hot girl walk. It is approximately a 34 minute walk from Bournemouth Beach and offers the same luxury of sand and vast, tranquil sea. It also offers great views across Poole Bay. This is certainly a location to check out if you’d like a change of scenery.

Nearby places for food/activities:

  • Urban Reef
  • Cafe Boscanova
  • Boscombe Pier

Definitely make yourself a nice warm or cold beverage to wander around the beach with.

5. Boscombe Chine Gardens

Similar to Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens, Boscombe Chine Gardens is a sweet area that is certainly worth a walk through after visiting Boscombe Beach – only a nine-minute walk.

Nearby places for food/activities:

  • Squirrel Cafe
  • Mini Golf

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