These are the top eight places to take your Valentine for a romantic date in Bournemouth

Say ‘I love you’ at the lower gardens mini golf and they’re all yours

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this month you should be looking to impress your date with the most romantic rendezvous possible. But where to go? What to see? Anywhere but Mulligan’s, I hope.

Remember: It’s not just what’s impressive, but what your date is going to like best. Here are the best spots to visit with your (or perhaps soon-to-be?) significant other.

Conto Lounge

The Conto Lounge is great for second and third years who don’t want to spend 30 minutes on the bus to go out. Right on the high street, you can find great cocktails and a set price for any three tapas, (for when your appetite is as big as your heart) here.

The Pause Cat café

You know how they say you should take your first date to a theme park or a horror movie? Cause they’ll mistake the adrenaline for feelings for you? You can definitely hack your date’s psyche by taking them to the cat cafe: That warm, fuzzy feeling for the kitties will transfer to you! Just check if your date is allergic to cats first….

The Oceanarium

Sitting down for a meal can be intimate, but it can get boring fast and there’s no better way to show someone you care about them than by taking them somewhere exciting. Everyone knows aquariums are romantic, healing your inner children together, one gift shop shell necklace at a time. (Top tip: Just point at two cuddling otters, say “that’s us” and she’ll fall madly in love with you.) What could be more romantic?

The Flirt Cafe

You might know Flirt Cafe from its reputation as the cutest cafe in the Triangle, their drag events, or that time they hosted the AUB graduation ceremony. With great food, it’s a sweet date spot for you and your beau, or even a Galentine’s outing.

The Ojo Rojo

Bit pricier but fab food, great service, and nice dim lighting – the Ojo Rojo is definitely going to impress your date. Right next in the triangle, with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as banging ceviche. (The tacos come in threes but they give you four if you ask! No awkwardness over who gets the extra.)

The Coconut Tree

Trust me when I say you will never want to eat anywhere else again. Again, you’re going to have pay real grown up prices to dine at Coconut Tree, but it’s worth it for that divine goat curry.

Boom Battle Bar

As we have previously proven – the Boom Battle Bar is the best way to test your date’s survival skills and physical prowess.  Throwing axes might seem like the opposite of romantic, but you’ll make new memories together. (Who knows? Maybe your date will have more than bloodlust.)

Urban Reef Boscombe

With a gorgeous panoramic sea view, this is the perfect spot for a lunch date. Tucked away from the prying eyes of uni mates, the Urban Reef Boscombe is tucked away for your Valentine’s Date. Chow down on some seafood or stone baked sourdough pizza, and take a romantic stroll on the beach after.

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