Seven spooky sober activities to do in Bournemouth

Because I don’t need to be haunted by ghosts AND my mistakes

Five things you’ll know if you commute to Bournemouth Uni

For the tired commuter who is probably reading this on a bus

An unofficial list of the top 10 iconic Bournemouth BeReal moments we’ve all taken

Bournemouth, are you ready to BeReal?

Nine things you’ll hear in Bournemouth during first semester

Spoiler: You might be the one talking!

Seven lies Bournemouth students tell themselves during the first term

Number eight: I will not lie

This is what your favourite night out in Bournemouth says about you

From sweating it out in Cameo basement, to inhaling bread and butter in Revs

How to cook an egg and everything else Bournemouth freshers are frantically Googling right now

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Bournemouth University rises eight places in The Times Good University Guide 2024

Bournemouth university places 81st in this year’s rankings with strong teaching and graduate prospects

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