Michaela Roper

Student Contributor

Michaela Roper
Liverpool University

Student lifestyle, university news, UK and nightlife culture, music industry, social media trends, vintage revival, cinema, arts and entertainment, indie music and politics

  • Michaela Roper is a Student Contributor for The Tab Liverpool, in which she aims to cover all things cultural with her articles and guides tailored to appeal to each and every Liverpool student
  • Michaela's journalistic areas of interest range from anything related to popular culture and social media trends, to ongoing and significant social issues and political affairs, and everything in between
  • Aside from writing for The Tab, she is passionate about all things live music and regularly travels the country to see her favourite bands. Cinema, promoting sustainable fashion and film photography are all up there too - and will most likely feature in her work!


Michaela Roper joined The Tab in 2023, during her first year at the University of Liverpool. She has previous experience writing for a local established newspaper in her hometown, where she became a published journalist, covering stories of all styles and popularity


Michaela is a first year undergraduate student in Liverpool, studying Communication & Media. She has hopes to gain experience in the music and arts industries before she graduates, and she has a love for everything writing and journalism related


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