A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family of the girl who passed away in Cranborne

Vicky’s best friend said ‘what has happened is beyond comprehension and we are still in shock’

Breaking: A female student has died in Cranborne halls

Her death is not being treated as suspicious

Krept and Konan are coming to your favourite Bournemouth club

An excuse to get even more turnt during Easter bank hol weekend

Cameo are relaunching with an all-new, revamped main room

Our Wednesdays are about to get even better

Professor Green was in Bournemouth today and called the council ‘arseholes’

The council have adjusted benches to deter the homeless

This Bournemouth final year wrote his entire dissertation on Kurupt FM

Throw your Ks up

Bournemouth University’s campus is having a 2018 shake-up

There’s going to be six changes to BU this year

A student skier has gone viral after being filmed chundering on the slopes

Everybody loves après, but some love it more than others

UPDATE: A car was driven directly into staff outside Halo last night

The staff members were taken to hospital

The BU rugby boys have raised over £3000 for Movember

Guess they aren’t so bad after all

UPDATE: The Old Fire Station was forced to close early last night because of a ‘serious incident’

‘Everyone was crowded around him and all I saw was blood’

LGBT+ couple harassed in Wetherspoons while staff allegedly ‘couldn’t do anything’

‘I just don’t want my £5 pitchers to be ruined by gross guys’

‘She’s a big black ape’: Boys insult BU fresher in racist group chat

They also called her a ‘cotton picking fuck’

We swabbed campus for cocaine and every result came back positive

BU are in love with the coco

BU made nearly £40,000 in library fines alone last year


BU sports teams have raised nearly £1000 for fellow player who was paralysed at summer ball

They called the fundraiser ‘fruit festival’ as a cover up

SUBU has just announced the date for the next summer ball

Start planning your costumes now

A VK club night is actually coming to Bournemouth and no, this time I’m not lying

There won’t be exclusive flavours, that’s still a lie