Wok 2 Go takeaway has been shut down because of a rat infestation

Health inspectors found rat droppings in the food prep area

The UK’s biggest indie club night is coming to Bournemouth

Two pound VKs? Yes please

SUBU candidates were disqualified for budget overspend and forcing people to vote in elections

One candidate stood over people until they voted for them

Love Island’s Dom is coming to Cameo this Friday as part of a mega tour

And no, Mike won’t be there

An email detailing someone’s dissertation mark breakdown has accidentally been sent to over 1,000 students

They got a first though congrats

Bournemouth uni’s International College has Grenfell-style flammable cladding

Plenty of students are expected to move in during September

‘I wouldn’t wish this on my most hated enemy’: BU rugby player paralysed on his way to summer ball

A spinal injury means he may not walk again

Summerball is going to be the biggest in history as 500 extra tickets are going on sale today

You thought they’d sold out, didn’t you?

A vigil is going to be held in front of SUBU tomorrow for the victims of the Manchester attack

The ceremony will be held on campus at 6.30pm

Bournemouth uni has gone up 18 places in The Guardian university league tables

Oxbridge we’re coming for you

Bournemouth has dropped one place in the Complete University Guide rankings

We’ve still got a really nice beach tho

There’s a new pizza place opening in town today and it’s giving away one thousand free pizzas


‘Incredibly offensive, hurtful and upsetting’: Racist and anti-semetic graffiti has gone up in Winton

Pictures have been posted in anti racism Facebook groups

This Bournemouth bar is selling GIANT pornstar martinis with entire bottles of prosecco

Bloody cheers

Lost Mondays was forced to shut down after a ‘mass brawl’ broke out

Everyone was kicked out

Your full Summerball 2017 line-up has been revealed

Oh it’s good

EXCLUSIVE: A VK-only club is opening in Bournemouth that will feature completely new flavours

It’s set to be open for next year’s Freshers’ Week