LGBT+ couple harassed in Wetherspoons while staff allegedly ‘couldn’t do anything’

‘I just don’t want my £5 pitchers to be ruined by gross guys’

‘She’s a big black ape’: Boys insult BU fresher in racist group chat

They also called her a ‘cotton picking fuck’

We swabbed campus for cocaine and every result came back positive

BU are in love with the coco

The Coca Cola Truck is coming to Bournemouth

Holidays are coming

BU made nearly £40,000 in library fines alone last year


BU sports teams have raised nearly £1000 for fellow player who was paralysed at summer ball

They called the fundraiser ‘fruit festival’ as a cover up

SUBU has just announced the date for the next summer ball

Start planning your costumes now

A VK club night is actually coming to Bournemouth and no, this time I’m not lying

There won’t be exclusive flavours, that’s still a lie

Exclusive: Buffalo bar in Winton is closing down

But don’t worry – it’s moving locations

Queen of the Memes Gemma Collins is coming to Bournemouth

The best meet and greet ever?

BU has a new halls complex which everyone should be really, really jealous of

It puts Dorchester to shame

AUB is the top modern university in the south west, according to the Good University Guide 2018

It ranked three places above BU

Wok 2 Go takeaway has been shut down because of a rat infestation

Health inspectors found rat droppings in the food prep area

The UK’s biggest indie club night is coming to Bournemouth

Two pound VKs? Yes please

SUBU candidates were disqualified for budget overspend and forcing people to vote in elections

One candidate stood over people until they voted for them

Love Island’s Dom is coming to Cameo this Friday as part of a mega tour

And no, Mike won’t be there

An ex BU student has died after a police chase whilst struggling with crystal meth addiction

He had been battling drug issues for years

An email detailing someone’s dissertation mark breakdown has accidentally been sent to over 1,000 students

They got a first though congrats

Bournemouth uni’s International College has Grenfell-style flammable cladding

Plenty of students are expected to move in during September

Bournemouth uni has been awarded a silver ranking from a new government framework

Southampton ain’t got nothing on us