AUB student dies in Bournemouth Oxford Point halls

The student was a man in his 20s

One arrested after police called to parties at university halls in Bournemouth

Another 12 were reported for breaking coronavirus rules

Emergency services have been called to a huge house fire in Winton

It’s been confirmed everyone was evacuated safely

Bournemouth beach flooded with tourists on hottest day of the year

The beach was covered in litter the next day

Bournemouth Uni investigating student for racist and homophobic TikToks

One of them suggests the LGBT community has ‘a mental illness’

BU Fusion building to be turned into halls

Where am I going to get my diss pic now?!

Dorset Mind offers online support during COVID-19 pandemic

Dorset Mind’s services will now be replaced by telephone and video meetings

Attempted murder inquiry after 18-year-old is stabbed on Old Christchurch Road

An 18-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after Old Christchurch Road stabbing

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we should know?

We want to look into your case


Bournemouth SU Summer Ball cancelled due to COVID-19

Organisers said it was ‘no longer viable’ to keep planning the event

Body of missing man found in Riverside Avenue, Bournemouth

The body has been found in connection with the search for missing man, Adrian Malesa

Bournemouth Uni cancels all classes because of COVID-19

They will be suspended until the 27th of April

Oh Christ! Now people at Bournemouth Uni are getting mumps

It’s spread through saliva so I’d suggest not minesweeping for the next few weeks

Bournemouth University to remain ‘open as usual’ despite coronavirus panic

‘PHE has advised that the risk to our students, staff and visitors remains low’

Xchange in Triangle could be losing its alcohol licence

Bournemouth police say the bar is ‘falling far short of the level expected’

Students call out ‘racist’ Bournefessions post about coronavirus in Oxford Point

‘It’s poorly concealed Xenophobia piggybacking on the coronavirus scare’

Coronavirus: Bournemouth Asda shelves left empty by people stockpiling loo roll

They’re buying so many baked beans I’m not surprised they need it