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Don’t Worry Darling, here are 20 memes to take your mind off Harry Styles’ bad accent

Not everyone get this oppor-chew-ni-ee!

After months of rumours, speculation and so-called “spitgate,” Don’t Worry Darling has finally come out in cinemas across the UK.

Obviously, the main takeaway is that everyone expected Harry Styles to be shit – and, it’s fair to say, the critics were probably wrong on that front. Yeah, his accent was a bit all-over-the-place; frankly it was hard to tell whether he was supposed to be English, Irish, American or just really badly Cockney. But his acting itself was pretty… okay.

Florence Pugh was the moment, as always. Olivia Wilde and Nick Kroll were intense, Chris Pine was sexy and Kiki Layne and Gemma Chan were excruciatingly underused. But, Don’t Worry Darling, because we’ve got all the memes you need to get you through those tense two hours and two minutes:

Spoilers ahead!

1. I was uncomfortable

2. I’m actually a bit obsessed

3. ‘You’re blessed to even be here’

4. When Harry forgot to cook his potatoes before mashing them… himbo king

5. The best scene

6. Oh NO

7. How many of us are going as Alice on Halloween?

8. I was waiting for the bed scene only for it to show up at the end?!

9. This is what a real boyfriend looks like (fake and living in a simulation)

10. Oh my god

11. Frankly a queen who acted rings around everyone else

12. HAHA

13. Who’s world is this? Clearly not mine if I have to see that

14. Scarily accurate

15. You guys have to stop with these, I can’t like them all

16. Jack was clearly out-of-touch with the real world because who the hell would want to be British

17. ‘Why are you still humming that?’

18. It’s giving Phillip Schofield in The Queue


20. Sorry Harry Styles lovers, I came to see my husband Nick Kroll only

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