Don't Worry Darling ending explained

Don’t Worry Darling ending explained: Here’s what the big twist at the end means

This movie is going to be my new unhealthy obsession x

Finally Don’t Worry Darling is out in cinemas after months of drama and already people are searching for the ending explained and what the hell that twist even means.

Don’t Worry Darling is one of the biggest movie releases of the year, yes partly because of the drama but also because the cast is mad. Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in one movie? I’m shaking. The film itself is actually a twist, it’s not what you’d expect and you probably have a few unanswered questions too. Here’s the Don’t Worry Darling ending explained and the big twist debunked.

Spoilers ahead for Don’t Worry Darling ending, obviously:

What is Don’t Worry Darling about?

Right so the actual film tells the story of Alice, played by Florence Pugh, who is a 1950s housewife living in a town called Victory. Everyday she waits on her husband Jack, played by Harry Styles, and she cooks, cleans and has sex with him. There seems to be nothing wrong with their life until problems surface and start to show.

Victory, the town, is run by Frank who is played by Chris Pine. Frank’s job is to make sure all of the husbands in the town like Jack keep their jobs secret from their wives. women are also forbidden from going to the desert where the men work. A few odd things unfold and Alice starts to question what Victory is all about. It all starts when Margaret, Alice’s friend, walks to the desert with her son and sees something horrid. The men claim Alice’s son died but Margaret thinks they’re keeping him from her and she later kills herself in front of Alice but the men say she survived her attempt.

One day on the bus Alice sees a plane crash into the desert and rushes to find it. The plane isn’t anywhere to be seen but Alice does find a building where the men work. She then wakes in her bed and becomes obsessed with finding out the truth. She confronts Frank at a dinner party to no avail. Alice begs Jack to run away with her, however she is then kidnapped and put under electroshock therapy.

Don’t Worry Darling ending explained

The therapy doesn’t work and Alice starts to remember life before Victory. Victory isn’t real and Alice was a doctor living in the present day with her husband Jack. Also we find out Jack struggled with not earning more than her and signs up to take part in Victory without Alice knowing.

Pre-Victory we see Jack listening to an incel podcast where he finds out that a new VR technology has been created in which a man can enter a 1950s universes with a woman regardless whether she wants to or not. In real life Alice is strapped to her bed 24/7 whilst Jack participated in this simulation.

In Victory, simulation Alice works out what has happened and confronts Jack. They shout, fight and ultimately Alice kills Jack by accident. Alice’s friend Bunny arrives and confirms they’re in a simulation but she’s there out of choice because her real kids are dead and she gets to be with simulations of them this way.

Bunny says by Alice killing Jack in the simulation, she’s also killed him in real life. Following an intense scene Alice escapes and the film ends with her breathing and waking up on her bed.

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