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All the least popular people from the MAFS UK 2022 cast, according to Instagram

Myself and my 500 followers are judging x

Look, I know it’s bad form to rinse reality show contestants during the “be kind” era, but can we all admit sometimes it’s fun to see justice being served? By way of Instagram popularity, of course.

It’s been exactly a month since this year’s series of MAFS UK wrapped up – and, somehow, it feels like the offscreen drama just hasn’t stopped. So, what do you do when you can’t watch it all unfold on E4? Head straight to Instagram, obvs. Cast members like Thomas, Kasia and Jenna have gained loads of followers through addressing bits and pieces of conflict on Insta stories – others, however, seem to love the quiet life.

With that in mind, let’s deep-dive into the least popular MAFS 2022 contestants. A couple of them might surprise you:

10. Duka – 93.3k followers

Duka kicks us off as the most popular from the least popular bunch (stay with me here). To be fair to him, he’s less than 7k away from 100,000 followers, so he clearly isn’t that unpopular. Proving that no-one likes a nice guy but, also, no-one really likes a failed villain arc either; not a lot of people are really wondering what Duka’s getting up to these days.

9. Jordan – 92.8k followers

Sorry, but Jordan’s is a firmly-deserved spot on the MAFS least popular list. He had EVERYTHING in Chanita (who, by the way, has over 100k more followers than him), but sadly his “foolish” ways got the better of him. Amazing to see our Chanita thriving, though!

8. Gemma – 91.9k followers

I mean, the Gemma-centred drama alone should’ve seen the contestant through to 100k. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Her Instagram stats indicate that she’s the next least-popular on our list.

7. Kwame – 85.1k followers

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Kasia, on the other hand, is the most popular MAFS 2022 contestant with a queenly 286,000 followers. Justice has been served.

6. Whitney – 75.4k followers

In a, frankly, SHOCKING turn of events, Whitney is our fifth-least popular contestant, with a paltry 75.4k followers. Yes, she was an absolute villain at the beginning, but it seems I’ve severely overestimated people’s ability to live, breathe and inhale drama on-and-off-screen. Shame on you all!

5. Pjay – 61k followers

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Pjay is a lovely guy who was dealt a tough hand throughout his time on MAFS. Sure, he’s the next-least popular in terms of metrics. But he’ll remain in our hearts and minds forever. Surely there needs to be a Miss Congeniality award or something?

4. Jess – 51.4k followers

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Am I allowed to say she has an evil aura?

3. Johnathan – 58.6k followers

If you know me as a person, you know I don’t mean this – but Johnathan’s social media presence is predictably the wankiest on this entire list.

What? Are you gonna go through life, apologising for how people feel?

2. Lara – 35.2k followers

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Lara deserved so much better than Richie, let’s be honest. Truly, the Queen of Hearts.

1. Richie – 24.7k

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Well, I’m sure he’s happy with his 24k. But this is what you get when you’re only on a reality show for five minutes – yet every minute somehow made me want to itch.

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