MAFS UK Christmas cast

The first pic of the MAFS UK Christmas reunion is here and there’s LOADS of cast missing

Thomas and Nikita together? A recipe for Christmas carnage

The long awaited Married at First Sight UK reunion is finally upon us, and the MAFS cast have given us our first seasonal taste of the festive fun and carnage ahead with a full pic of the cast that will be reuniting for the Christmas special.

The Christmas special will see cast from the 2021 and 2022 season reunite for a big dinner party, and knowing this lot you can bet your advent calendar choccy on the fact there will be explosive drama left, right and centre.

‘Like me or hate me, it’s f*cking boring without me’

The full Christmas reunion cast lineup includes Amy, Alexis and Nikita from the 2021 season of MAFS UK – the latter who was kicked off in week one for aggressive behaviour. Amy and Johnathan, from 2022’s season, have been getting close of recent – in the reunion picture they’re sat together on the sofa. Interesting!

A lot more of the 2022 lot are here. Thomas and Adrian are back – remember, this was filmed before the big kick offs regarding Thomas’ widely condemned comments on a podcast that saw him lose a lot of his friends from the cast, so that will likely not be addressed.

Chanita and Jordan are there, along with Duka. The only MAFS UK 2022 couple still together, Jenna and Zoe, are also back and look all smiles on the couch as they get ready for the Christmas carnage.

We don’t really know what’s going to go down, but a dinner party with Christmas chaos is for certain. Everyone looks soooo gorgeous!

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