MAFS UK Instagram followers

All the cast of MAFS UK 2022, ranked by how many Instagram followers they’ve now got

The most followed nearly has 300k

No show has had as much post-season drama as the 2022 season of Married at First Sight UK, and most of that drama comes from following the MAFS cast on Instagram. Nary a day goes by without a kick off, a cry or an exposé on the Instagram stories of the MAFS UK cast – and that’s why their followers are shooting up by the thousands. But who has got the most?

Well, I’ve checked and combed through them all for your convenience. Here’s all of the MAFS UK cast of 2022, ranked by how many Instagram followers they have now the season is over!

20. Richie (24.6k)

I mean… Well, yeah.

19. Lara (34.4k)

I know she wasn’t on the show for that long, but seeing Lara have less followers than shepherd’s pie head and a fella who said his wife had horse legs is a hard pill to swallow. Justice for Lara!

18. Jess (50.8k)

Pjay having more followers than Jess in the end is the kind of small win I can get behind.

17. Johnathan (55.5k)

When you make comments like Johnathan’s, you don’t get all the followers.

16. Pjay (59.6k)


15. Whitney (74.6k)

A bit of a shock that Whitney was on the show for a very long time but still sits firmly in the bottom end least Instagram followers from MAFS UK 2022.

14. Kwame (79.2k)

Kwame’s park bench? 567,000,000,000 followers.

13. Jordan (89.3k)

When he inevitably gets back with Chanita watch this follower count SHOOT UP!

12. Gemma (91.5k)

Considering she was on it the shortest amount of time, this ain’t bad for our Gem!

11. Duka (91.8k)

I guess people are really loving those impressions he keeps making us endure!

10. Matt (102k)

Convinced people are only following him to find out if he’s actually dating Marilyse or not. Thus marks the first MAFS UK cast member to be over the 100k Instagram followers mark on this list, and kicking off the top 10!

9. George (111k)


8. Zoe (111k)

How on earth are Zoe and her iconic pickled rat only at 8th? MAY I ASK?

7. Jenna (113k)

Jenna only celebrated 100k six days ago and she’s already gone up another 13k! Queen shit I fear.

6. Sophie (132k)

Not a shock in sight here because let’s face it, she’s absolutely GORGEOUS.

5. April (136k)

I’m pretty sure April had the most before the show? Or was at least in the top three?

4. Thomas (177k)

The drama. THE DRAMA.

3. Adrian (181k)

The fits all do bang, to be fair.

2. Chanita (187k)

1. Kasia (288k)

Not who I expected at number one, but who deserved it for the scribbling of Kwame alone! A bit of an icon, and out of all the MAFS UK cast Kasia has 101k more Instagram followers than the one in second place.

All follower counts accurate at the time of publication.

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