Jordan MAFS UK holiday

Jordan confirms he went on holiday with another MAFS UK cast member after Chanita split

‘I had to hide it from everyone’

Jordan from Married at First Sight UK has shared that he jetted off on a holiday to Ibiza with another MAFS cast member straight after his split from Chanita – and the rumours are flying.

Jordan and Chanita were the experiment’s power couple, and everyone thought their marriage was going to be one that genuinely lasted. It was the biggest shock of the reunion that these two came back in separately. Now, Jordan is posting on Instagram about the holiday and is teasing who he actually went with.

‘I had to hide it from everyone’

Jordan confessed the holiday on his Instagram, posting a story that said “So I went to Ibiza with another cast member back in July and at the time I had to hide it from everyone as it was before MAFS was on.”

Jordan then asks his followers to guess who it was he went with, and if we’re being honest, it’s the most boring four options on earth on the survey. The options are Kwame, Duka, Zoe and Thomas – with Duka winning the poll by a landslide. It seems obvious to me that Jordan would have gone away with Duka – I don’t know what “More details revealed soon” is all about, like we’re about to get a BooHoo Man collab or something.

Although, Duka and Jordan were friends on the show, the only thing that makes me think this thrilling conundrum might not be Duka is that the two had a spat at the reunion over Chanita. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned!

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