All the 2022 MAFS UK cast’s first Instagram posts compared to their most recent

Obsessed with Adrian in his buzz cut era

There is only one way to truly get to know the 2022 cast of Married at First Sight UK and that is through their Instagram accounts. Fans only get to see one hour of their married lives four times a week and that isn’t enough to truly gauge what they’re really like, especially if you want to find out what they were like before they were on the show. Some of the current Married at First Sight UK contestants have had a successful purge of their Instagram pages but some have kept those all important memories, well before they thought they’d be on a TV show marrying a stranger. Take a look at the MAFS 2022 UK cast’s first Instagram posts in comparison to their most recent:


MAFS UK 2022 Instagram posts

via Instagram @adriansanderson

Adrian has over 300 posts that span back to 2019 so it’s very likely that’s when he first got Instagram or at least began to take it seriously. If you delve deep enough into his Instagram you will experience his buzz cut era and honestly, he should bring it back. But for the most part, Adrian hasn’t changed that much other than upping his Instagram selfie game.


All of Thomas’s Instagram posts were posted this year so there isn’t a major comparison to be made other than he is now sort of bald.


MAFS UK 2022 Instagram posts

via Instagram @dukacav

Duka’s Instagram posts go way back to 2017 where most of his feed was just gym and gains selfies. He doesn’t post an awful lot, with his last post from before the wedding was in 2021.


MAFS UK 2022 Instagram posts

via Instagram @whitneyelizabethhughes

Whitney has always lived a boujie and classy lifestyle and her Instagram page pays homage to that. Her page is full of her in lavish locations and in stunning outfits and I am simply in awe.


MAFS UK 2022 Instagram posts

via Instagram @chanita__x.

Chanita is the golden girl of this year’s season of Married at First Sight UK 2022 and I will hear nothing else on the matter. Chanita’s Instagram will make you smile because she is smiling all the time! A wholesome, bubbly and all round lovely girl.


via Instagram @jordanemmettconnelly

Jordan somehow looks so different yet the exact same in comparison to this first and latest Instagram photos. The only major difference is he now has a beard, oh and married a complete stranger at first sight. Just two completely normal things!


via Instagram @aprilbanbury

Think what you want about April but she is a star in this season of Married at First Sight UK. There is something quite soothing about her voice and from her track record of reality TV dating shows, she’s stuck to her guns to find love one way or another. You’ve got to respect the hustle.


via Instagram @george__roberts__

There isn’t much comparison to draw on when it comes to George’s Instagram page, he looks exactly the same. His feed oozes wholesome dad energy.


via Instagram @kwame.badu

There isn’t a lot to say about Kwame’s Instagram page. If you want to watch endless videos of him talking about relationships then his page is the place for you.


via Instagram

Kasia’s Instagram is a big vibe. She is always out doing something new, whether it’s a boujie restaurant or living it up in Dubai. It’s clear she has had the pout on lock for years.


via Instagram @jennarobo

Jenna’s Instagram has had a dramatic change since her posts in the early days. All I can say is thank god we all collectively stopped using white borders on our Instagram photos.


via Instagram @zoe.clifton

Similar to her co-star Thomas, Zoe well and truly purged her Instagram before the show aired or could have quite possibly never had an Instagram page before starring on Married at First Sight UK.

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