Jess from Married at First Sight UK Sexy Beasts

Um, Jess from Married at First Sight UK was on Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

I’m assuming it didn’t go down all that well

Married at First Sight UK contestant Jess, who we saw marry Pjay, once starred on the Netflix show Sexy Beasts. For many of the contestants on Married at First Sight it is their first taste of being on television. But for a select few, being filmed specifically when dating other people, is nothing new. It was revealed that current cast member April Banbury had starred on two reality dating TV shows before Married at First Sight UK and it isn’t just her who has dabbled in that world before.

Harry Potter obsessed Jess starred in season two of the Sexy Beasts series, where she tried her luck at dating New Yorker Sullie. At the end of the episode Jess was chosen by Sullie, but considering she’s now literally getting married to a stranger, it’s safe to assume it didn’t work out.

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Throughout the episode, Sullie felt a spark with Jess and another contestant, Kamri. Sullie said that Jess blew his mind with her personality and he had “fallen” for her charm. When the two saw each other without their disguised looks they both seemed pretty pleased with the outcome. Sullie said: “All right! Yeah, I made the right choice. I did.”

Jess is currently married to Pjay on Married at First Sight UK. Despite not starting on the best foot, the two seem to be getting along and made it through their first commitment ceremony together.

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