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Inside Married at First Sight UK’s Jenna and Zoe’s adorable and wholesome life

They’re going to spend Christmas together🥺

Zoe and Jenna are the only couple who survived the Married at First Sight UK 2022 experiment and I couldn’t be happier. Despite some couples seeming like they could go the distance, Zoe and Jenna were the only ones who proved the experiment really does work. Since leaving the show together, the two have done their first interview, giving an insight into the future of their relationship and their plans for Christmas!

Jenna and Zoe made Married at First Sight UK history by being the first lesbian couple to appear on the show and they have captured the hearts of us all. Despite having some bumps in the road, they have both worked through their issues and are thriving, and they’ve even said they love each other!

They’re not living together, but have an idea of where they want to live

Speaking with OK!, Zoe and Jenna said they don’t have any current plans to move in together. Jenna is from Blackpool and Zoe is from Stafford, which is about a two hour drive. Jenna said: “We have those conversations, but no solid plans. It’ll happen naturally at the right time. We’ve spoken about two place: Brighton or Manchester. I think Brighton would be the ideal place for both of us.”

Zoe now fully understands veganism and had made compromises

Zoe and Jenna had a fair share of disagreements about Jenna’s vegan diet on the show, but since leaving filming ended they have fully compromised and gone from strength to strength. For their six month anniversary, Zoe took Jenna to a vegan restaurant and always checks restaurant menus before booking a table so she know there are multiple options available for Jenna.

“It’s just making a bit of a conscious effort to make it work,” Zoe said. “But I think it wasn’t as much of a big deal as what it was, it was pushed a little bit because we were getting on so well. It was something that was spoken about quite a lot because it was our biggest problem.”

Zoe moved into a house where Jenna can bring her dogs

Although they haven’t moved in together yet, they are making active steps towards it. As filming for Married at First Sight UK began, Zoe sold her apartment and is now in the process of moving into a house, a place where Jenna can bring her dogs along with her.

They have both been attending loads of events together

Being thrusted into the spotlight has many benefits, with an unlimited amount of invites to events being one of them. They recently attended an event hosted by Method, where they signed a ‘Clean Up pre-nup’.

Zoe said their relationship is ‘stronger than ever’

It has been just under a month since Married at First Sight UK ended and since filming stopped, they have been “enjoying dating”.  Jenna said: “It’s like doing a relationship backwards. We got married, moved in together and once the experiment was over, we went back into normal life. Started dating, getting to know each other in our own home environments.”

“We’re stronger than ever. Every week [on the show] you’re constantly tested, learning about boundaries, whereas now it’s nice to just breathe and enjoy each other,” Zoe added.

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