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All the Married at First Sight UK cast members who have unfollowed each other on Instagram

Chanita said Whitney blocked her and she doesn’t know why👀

Married at First Sight UK may have finished, but the drama sure hasn’t. Recently, Thomas has come under fire for comments he made about his co-stars on a podcast and it seems as though a lot of the MAFS stars are no longer speaking with one another. Despite the show blossoming some of the most wholesome friendship and relationships, that wasn’t the case of everyone. Nothing says petty like unfollowing someone you don’t like on social media and we’re all guilty of it! Here are all the Married at First Sight UK cast members who have unfollowed each other on Instagram since the experiment ended:

Whitney and Chanita

It came as no surprise when Duka said Whitney had blocked half the cast on social media following the end of filming the show. Chanita recently revealed she was one of the cast members who got blocked by Whitney, and she still has no idea why. Speaking with Heat, Chanita said: “When the show ended, I tried to be okay with everyone. Although I had my ups and downs with people in the experiment, I very much saw it as we all went through this experience together and they’re the only people that know what I went through.”

She explained that was “randomly” blocked by Whitney. “I don’t know why because I was checking in with her and we were chatting before that! Randomly I went to go message her and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah. Access denied,’” she added.

Duka and Whitney

Unsurprisingly, Duka and Whitney no longer follow each other on social media. But from the looks of Whitney’s social media, the only Married at First Sight UK cast members she still follows are Jordan, Kasia and April.

Matt and Gemma

Another unsurprising couple who no longer follow each other on Instagram are Matt and Gemma. The two had turbulent times during the show as Matt cracked on with Whitney, despite being partnered with Gemma. Matt seems to be living his best life now though as he is said to be in a relationship with former MAFS UK contestant Marilyse Corrigan. All of that drama and Whitney doesn’t follow Matt anymore either!

Adrian and Thomas

Adrian and Thomas no longer follow each other on social media. It seemed that the two still remained friends following the experiment despite not being able to make their relationship work. Following Thomas’ comments on the What’s Happenin’ podcast, a lot of the cast members have unfollowed Thomas. Those include Chanita, Jenna and Zoe.

Kasia and Kwame

After Kasia and Kwame left the experiment, in the best way possible Kasia made it known the two were not on speaking terms. Kwame doesn’t follow Kasia on Instagram anymore either so at least the feeling is mutual.

April and George

April and George were one of the first couples to get hitched on the show and despite seeming strong in the final episodes, April confirmed the two had split up. Neither of them follow each other on Instagram either too.

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