Married at First Sight UK 2022 still friends

Which of the Married at First Sight UK 2022 contestants are still friends?

A lot of the cast are no longer speaking to Thomas


Married at First Sight UK 2022 has come to an end, and it’s safe to say the experiment did not go as planned for a lot of the couples. Despite almost every marriage failing on the show, the contestants managed to make lifelong friendships with their co-stars and if you think about, that’s all that matters. While a lot of them had beef when they were on the show together, (April and Thomas I’m looking at you), there were some blossoming friendships that proved stronger than any of the marriages.

Here is a rundown of all the Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast members who are still friends, since they left the experiment.

Chanita and Sophie

Despite their marriages not going the distance, Chanita and Sophie have remained friends since the experiment ended and honestly I am obsessed with their Instagram pictures together. Speaking with Closer, Chanita admitted she is always speaking with Sophie and “can’t imagine” her life without her.

Zoe and Chanita

Another one of the cast members from Married at First Sight UK 2022 Chanita still keeps in contact with is Zoe. Zoe may have had the only lasting marriage on the show but she’s also won the jackpot because she’s secured some lasting friendships too. Chanita shared she still speaks with Zoe often and described the friends she has made on the show as “incredible”.

Duka, Jordan and Pjay

Despite Pjay not being on the show for very long, Duka and Jordan have still kept in touch with him and they seem to be the ultimate trio. They may not have found love but have a definite bromance for sure.

Adrian and Chanita

Adrian and Chanita have still remained super close since leaving the show and Adrian has shared loads of wholesome pictures of the both of them behind the scenes of Married at First Sight UK. Chanita even said she and Adrian FaceTime about three times a day. Wholesome x

Whitney and April

Two Married at First Sight UK cast members who are still friends are  Whitney and April. It’s understandable seeing as April was the only person in Whitney’s corner after the wife swap debacle. They have both shared cute snaps of the two of them on spa days and behind the scenes on the show. Whitney’s former beau on MAFS UK even said she has half the cast blocked on social media, so fair play to April for sticking around.

Lara and Adrian

If you can cast your mind far back enough to when Lara was on Married at First Sight UK, you are clearly an avid reality TV fan. Despite not managing to make her marriage work, Lara is still good friends with Adrian has per his wholesome Instagram post.

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