Married at First Sight UK reunion memes

Just 20 memes even more chaotic than the Married at First Sight UK reunion episode

Howling at Matt’s outfit

Married at First Sight UK season seven has officially come to an end but the drama has not stopped. The first of two reunion episodes aired on E4 last night and as to be expected, the drama was next to none. With shocking split revelations and arguments, it was a dinner party like no other. While fans were excitedly watching along to see all the chaos ensue, they took their opinions to Twitter and as always they have had everyone in fits of laughter. While you countdown the hours to the final reunion episode of Married at First Sight UK 2022, enjoy these 20 memes:


2. The real ones x

3. Looool, you’ve got to laugh

4. They deserve all the good things in life

5. Hehe oops x

6. No park bench for you x

7. 👀👀👀

8. I love that box so much

9. Nothing but love!

10. My favourite thing about the show tbh

11. A queen!

12. The producers love chaos and I’m so here for it

13. I believe it tbh

14. I see the thought process


16. Obsessed with Gemma

17. Boy bye x

18. 100 per cent

19. In dire need of retraining

20. LOVE!

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