Married at First Sight UK Thomas

Inside Thomas from MAFS’ boujie Liverpool life: Cocktails, photoshoots and Scouse glamour

All washed down with a load of iconic one liners

This season of MAFS UK has been full of characters. But if there’s been one scene stealer this season of Married at First Sight UK, we all know it’s Thomas – without a shadow of a doubt. From his zinger one liners to his iconic storm offs and outfits, Thomas has made his mark on reality TV history – here’s everything you need to know about his boujie life.

The one and only queen of Liverpool

Forget the Queen of Scotty Road, it’s Thomas Hartley Official who runs the Merseyside monarchy. Just in case the accent didn’t give it away for you, Thomas resides in the best city in the world: Liverpool. As someone who lived the for eight years, I can understand why he doesn’t want to live anywhere else. Oh to be going to the GBar with Thomas and to shout GI fucking Joke at random men in there…

He’s always at launch events

Since Married at First Sight UK, Thomas has been living the absolute life at events in and around Liverpool. He was recently at a launch event for new clothing brand Maruki and hanging out with fellow Married at First Sight alumni, albeit from the Down Under version, Jessika Power.

Risqué photoshoots

Thomas ain’t shy, and he’s a sexually liberated gay man who shows that off with his photoshoots. This one is particularly wild – but he’s absolutely killing it!

Tom’s got a full glam squad working with him for shoots around Liverpool, and they all promote queer liberation and gender nonconformity. It’s icon behaviour, I fear!

Amongst the glam and the partying, he stands up for what’s right

Thomas is vocal about his political views, and taking down the Tories – as any self-respecting Scouser or LGBTQ person is! Tom is a passionate support of BLM and Black Trans Lives Matter – as well as fighting for social justice. But always has time for a meme to let the Tories know where to stick it.

Thomas uses his platform to be sex positive, and this shoot with him and a trans man is a bit of a masterpiece.

Thomas will be back on our screens tonight, thank GOD, as we get into the first of the Married at First Sight UK reunion episodes. If we don’t get a scream, a shout and a storm off I will be wanting a refund.

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