Whitney Hughes Married at First Sight UK

Who is ‘bridezilla’ Whitney Hughes from Married at First Sight UK?

Fans are split on their opinion on the legal PA

Dubbed the bridezilla of the series, Whitney Hughes has been a bride people can’t seem to stop talking about since her wedding to Duka Cav in Married at First Sight UK. Initially, Whitney was displeased with her match and their honeymoon paid testament to that after she accused her new husband of being “fake” over his behaviour on and off the camera. She may not have been in the happiest of marriages, but she still seems to be living her best life regardless. So, who is Whitney Hughes from Married at First Sight UK?

Whitney is 31 years old and is from St Albans

Whitney is a legal PA from St Albans who went on to the show to find her “best friend”. So far it doesn’t seem that has happened but there could still be hope for her!

Why did Whitney go onto Married at First Sight UK?

This seems to be a question everybody wants to know since her wedding episode aired. Prior to the show, Whitney said she never found anyone good enough to bring home to her family. She was worried she would never let anyone in due to her high expectations but put the responsibility of finding her future partner in the hands of the experts in order to give someone a chance.

Whitney faced a lot of criticism after her wedding episode aired, and has since responded to the backlash. She said: “I wasn’t going into it with these super high expectations, expecting to find the love of my life because I can be quite pessimistic. But deep down yes I did want to find a really good connection with my husband.”

What happened to Whitney’s mother?

In 2019, Whitney lost her mother in a tragic car crash at 55 years old. Producers of the show said: “Her mum was her best friend, and though she had a strict upbringing, she’s proud it made her the strong and independent woman she is now.” After her mother’s death, Whitney began campaigning for enhanced road safety in Hertfordshire and set up a petition called Make Redbourn Road Safe.

Whitney shares loads of glam snaps of her on her Instagram

Whitney lives quite the boujie life. She has multiple pictures of her on holiday and in the most stunning outfits at events and restaurants. Even if she doesn’t find love on the show, I reckon she’ll still be living her very glamorous lifestyle.

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